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Obi in Kogi, Pledges to Make Nigeria Producing Nation

Obi in Kogi, Pledges to Make Nigeria Producing Nation

Ibrahim Oyewale in Lokoja

In bid to revive the ailing Nigerian economy, presidential standard bearer of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has pledged to move the country from a consuming nation to producing one.

Obi, who made the promise while addressing a crowd of party faithful at his campaign rally at the Confluence stadium, Lokoja on yesterday, said, “It is a promise for I and my team are prepared to be held accountable. For that, we will move Nigeria from a consuming nation to a producing one.

“We will make sure that production starts from local level; we will increase minimum wage since the minimum wage today can hardly sustain workers; we should be able to produce enough for consumption and even export to create wealth.

“Good people of Kogi State, we are not here to buy your vote; we are here to tell you how we are going to save the country; we want to unite Nigeria; we want to bring the family back together; we want to bring back the rule of law. We will consult you before taking any decision on any matter that affects you because power belong to you.”

Obi also promised to ensure the the steel industry was revived to give strong backing to the  economy.

“Steel industry is very important to the development of the Economy, therefore, we will liaise with professional and experts, who know what to do with the Ajaokuta steel company immediately we are sworn in,” he said.

The Labour Party presidential candidate, however, urged the people to reject other parties at the polls even if they bring money to buy their votes.

“If they bring money, collect their money but vote against them at the polls. Tell them we want to follow those who know road; tell them that you are tired of being in the wilderness,” he stated.

Earlier, convener of “Bring back our girls” campaign organisation, Aisha Yesufu, who was on the campaign train told the audience that “Nigeria needs Peter Obi as he represents fearlessness needed to address the insecurities in the country.”

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