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Pershing Hills Plegdes to Instill Self-expression, Confidence in Children

Pershing Hills Plegdes to Instill Self-expression, Confidence in Children

Pershing Hills Elementary School, a designed Montessori citadel of learning has promised to instill self-expression and confidence among children at the inauguration of its new site in Lagos.

The school said its curriculum is a blend of the British and the IPC curricula delivered through a robust Montessori teaching method that helps pupils with rapid understanding through scrupulous teaching in a conducive learning environment. 

The Chairman, Board of Trustees, Ewaen Sorae said: “We have invested in Pershing Hills Elementary School because we think this is important to build the next generation of leaders in this school. The purpose of the school is a foundation because great countries like China and India invested in education and are reaping the benefit of education today and I think it is very important that we need to understand in Nigeria the impact education will make in the life of our children.”
He added that “as bedrock of education we thought it was best to start from the nursery and primary school hence the reason we are doing this. I think at this stage, Montessori education is important where I think the kids can experiment and learn by themselves so if we can get it right between the age of 4 and 12, it is actually the best time to learn and develop kids.”

The school offers North American Montessori Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum, French Immersion, quality Montessori materials, excellent feedback loop, in-curricular and extra-curricular activities, experienced faculties, exciting afterschool activities, a safe and secure school environment, inclusive learning, mixed age grouping, 3:1 child to caregiver ratio and fun summer camp programme.

The former first lady of Lagos State, Abimbola Fashola said “critical thinking is what education should be about for children, we should allow our children to express themselves, to be the best they can be, to discover their purpose in life and to walk through it.”

According to the school, learning in the Montessori environment starts from birth to age six which is referred to as the “absorbent mind” period. This is the stage when children learn faster and more efficiently with retention. Whatever children learn at this stage: activities and academics become part of them and whatever knowledge is acquired can be applied to other facets of learning.

To aid assimilation, it said children need to be taught in a prepared environment; an environment that is serene, and pleasing to the children. “We have put in place structures, and facilities with consideration to serenity to enhance assimilation and comprehension of what is being taught by the stalwart teachers.”
The school noted that the prepared environment is made ready by the teacher to facilitate rapid assimilation and to encourage the interest of the children in learning. “We understand that every child has unique capacities and we have identified this to take children within their capacities through the educational voyage to get the best of them. 

“Children also learn a lot from their caregivers as they model good behavior to them, both consciously and unconsciously. This we have incorporated to ensure that pupils inculcate upstanding ethics and are well-mannered in society.”

“We prepare children at all levels to become independent and hyper-intelligent amongst their pairs and society. At Pershing Hills, we understand that all children and parents have different needs and interests, hence, our commitment to working with parents to ensure their children achieve the necessary developmental milestones that will help them thrive in the years ahead,” the school added.

A parent, Funbi Aderoju, shared her experience, “my daughter has been attending this school since she was seven months and I can say she has grown in this school. She is excited about the new facility and she is talking a lot more, the teachers have been instrumental in her growth. The teachers and the management staff of the school are very interested in the growth of the kids and I see genuine interest in the staff like emails and calls when my child is absent.”

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