Olamiju Alao-Akala in His Father’s Shoes

Walking in one’s father’s shoes can be both a thrilling and frightening experience. The constant need for self-assessment and evaluation can drive the average person crazy in the shortest time. Knowing this, one must doff the hat to Olamiju, the first son of the late former governor of Oyo State, Adebayo Alao-Akala. Even after he has started to retrace his father’s political steps, Olamiju is doing well for himself.

The passing of Alao-Akala shook Oyo the same way the passing of a household head shakes the household. But the strength and distinction of Alao-Akala’s presence have continued to tarry, thanks to the efforts of his son, Olamiju, to keep the ball rolling. Currently, he is the candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Ogbomoso North, South, and Oriire Federal Constituency.

Despite having nothing but his business acumen to go on, Olamiju has managed to keep his father’s political structure well. He clinched the APC Reps ticket in Ogbomoso and contested the ticket with Feyintola Onabanjo against the votes of 150 party delegates. At the end of the day, Olamiju won all 150 votes, meaning that his character had convinced all of the delegates that he was the best choice for the people of Ogbomoso North, South, and Oriire Federal Constituency.

Of course, Olamiju’s brilliance is well-documented. The Lead City University graduate has always been celebrated for inheriting his father’s brains and charm. That was likely why he was able to easily convince Hadiza, one of the beautiful daughters of Eleganza’s boss, Rasaq Okoya, that he was a treasure to be kept. And then she agreed to marry her.

The days are here for Olamiju to continue to test the validity of his father’s political career. If all goes well, he will be a well-known figure in Nigeria’s politics in no time.

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