Trump’s Complicating, Controversial Quest for 2024 Election

Chido Nwangwu reports that former United States President Donald Trump has oiled his political machinery with his recent declaration to run again for US Presidency in 2024

In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States…. America’s comeback starts right now,” he exclaimed. 

Thus, the divisive and cantankerous former President of the United States Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 “officially launched” his third campaign for the White House.

Typical of Trump’s projects, there is already conflict and division within the Republican party.

Meanwhile, one of his daughters, Ivanka, released a statement stating that: “While I will always love and support my father, going forward I will do so outside the political arena.”

Evidently and very clearly, the politics of Trump has taken a major toll on his family.  If Trump wins the election in 2024, he will become the second U.S President in history to serve two non-consecutive terms, following in the path of Grover Cleveland’s wins in 1884 and 1892.

However, long before the 2024 elections, there are several hurdles, which Trump will have to scale over.

One of those is the latest decision by the Supreme Court of the United States on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, against Trump’s unrelenting and frantic efforts to block any access to his taxes. Therefore, it removed any obstacle for Trump’s much guarded taxes to be released to the U.S. Congress. The next day he attacked the court  lashing out at the court in a series of posts on his social media platform called Truth Social.

Trump, the very controversial and twice impeached former President allleged that “The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price.”

He also claimed that the same court with a conservative majority and where he appointed three Justices were ruling out of being “petrified” of the Democrats,  “politically correct” as opposed to what he characterized as “doing what is BEST for the USA.”

Trump continued: “Why would anybody be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do! It is unprecedented to be handing over Tax Returns, & it creates a terrible precedent for future Presidents.”

The man scheduled his announcement far ahead of the 2024 elections, deliberately, only a few hours after the 2022 midterm elections.

Trump believed, and hoped that his Republican party would do much better in that early November elections. The political and voting reality turned out to be that  most of those he backed lost their elections,  such as Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania senatorial battle.

Some of his party leaders blamed him and said critically that he is not the way forward or the future of the Republican party!

I think it’s important to note that those losses made it possible for  Democrats to keep the Senate while the Republicans went home with only a very slim majority in the House of Representatives. 

Trump evidently believes he will take on in 2024 President Joe Biden in a rematch. He has accused the Democrats and Mr. Biden of presiding over failed and in his extravagant words “blood-soaked streets” and “cesspool cities.”

He has looked all over the country and has reached one conclusion: “We are a nation in decline.”

President Biden does not agree with him. 2024 is faraway. Let’s see what happens between now and then.

I believe in the realistic, geopolitical possibilities that the United States and the rest of the world might change, substantially, before November 2024! Only time will tell…. 

-Nwangwu, Founder of USAfrica, founded the first African-owned, U.S-based newspaper published on the Internet Follow @Chido247

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