Okowa’s Track Record Has Prepared Him for Vice Presidential Position

Victor Efeizomor writes that Governor IfeanyiOkowa of Delta State and Peoples Democratic Party’s Vice Presidential candidate possesses requisite track records to move Nigeria to enviable height if Nigerians vote Atiku/Okowa ticket into presidency come 2023.

The news of the nomination of  Governor Okowa of Delta State as the Vice-Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was received in the state and beyond with exciting joy, for him to have his next office in Aso Rock, Abuja.

This is because many people believe that he has been adjudged as one of the few Governors that has  performed exceedingly well in his state.

Many have tried to fathom the rationale behind his choice as the running mate to the Presidential flag bearer of PDP, AlhajiAtikuAbubakar but the fact remains that Governor Okowa’s good work, like an eligible handwriting in a book, is well displayed all over the state like a well-weeded farm along a public road.

Many Deltans and non-Deltans have described his   nomination  as the running mate to  AtikuAbubakar as a round peg in a round hole, a  welcome development and  well deserved.

Across the length and breadth of the entire Delta State, his footprint has been stamped on the sands of time through the massive infrastructure  development he has provided, and still providing even when his tenure is nearing completion.

From Asaba, the Delta State capital and its environs, to Warri, Effurun, Boji-BojiOwa Urban, and Boji-BojiAgbor Urban, Ughelli, Ogwashi-Uku, Kwale, Issele-Uku, Umunede, Sapele, Koko, Bomadi, Burutu, Akwukwu-Igbo, Ozoro, Oleh, Patani, Abraka, Obiaruku, to mention but these few, it has been success story of infrastructural splash and spread all the way.

Asaba is now being rapidly transformed into the true status of a state capital, while its suburbs  ofOkpanam, Ibusa, Issele-Azagba, Ubulu-Unor, Ubulu-Ukuetc, and other communities  not that close to the state capital, such as Umutu, Utagba-Unu, Owa-Alero, Abavo, Owa-Oyibu, Owa-Ekei, Agbor-Obi, Onicha-Ugbo, Alihame, Ute-Okpu, Utagba-Ogbe, Ute-Erumu, etc are all getting their own share of the development as some additional government infrastructures such as schools, good roads are now provided in those places.

I still recall what a visitor said concerning the state capital. He had on a second visit to Asaba, after a long visit, said “ I could  hardly recognize  Asaba when the driver of the luxury bus I was travelling in announced we were already in Asaba.

“Was it the Asaba I came visiting  some five years back that I’m now seeing and can’t recognize again? No wonder Deltans outside the state, Lagos in particular, keep saying Governor Okowa is working.”

Yes, that was a testimony from a non-Deltan, GbengaOnitiri who was in Asaba for a second time on an assignment.

Certain facilities, meant for a state capital, not available in the city before, have been provided and others still being provided in the state capital  for it to come of age like other state capitals in the federation.

For instance, the Appeal Court, the Asaba Storm Water Drainage, to checkmate the perennial flooding in Asaba from rain waters from Okpanam, the Koka Flyover being built to address the everyday vehicular  and human traffic at the popular junction, the International Conference Center to take the form of that in Abuja; the construction  of additional sports facilities at the Stephen Keshi Stadium and its environs for the National Sports Festival to be hosted in Delta State, starring  from November 28, 2022 to December 10, 2022, The Asaba Film Village  and Leisure Park nearing completion that will make Delta State the headquarters of Nollywood, the three Universities established, Dennis Osadebay University, Asaba; University of Delta, Agbor and the University of Science and Technology, Ozoro, all established to address the yearly problem faced by students qualified but always denied admission due to the limitations at the only then existing University at Abraka, the Kefas Road at Oleh; old Oleh/Ozoro Road in Isoko South/North Local Government, a 25.8 kilometers Trans Warri-Ode- Itshekiri, with 19 bridges and  access road project, Oha Bridge along the Oha-Orerokpe road in Okpe Local Government; Ovwor-Olomu-Effurun- Otor Bridge, linking the age-long communities in Ughelli South, are clear projects aside the many state intervention projects on roads which are the responsibilities of the Federal Government but have been shying away from.

With the development philosophy in Governor Okowa’s mind, he ensure that all roads in Burutu Town were  entirely  paved to give the people a new lease of life, and there is the main axial road and Okerenkoko Township roads and almost many others he had been developing in Delta Central, Delta South and Delta North senatorial districts.

Writing on road development alone in the state, will take the whole page of the newspaper because they are just too numerous.

Little wonder that Governor Okowa is called the Road master. His massive development bestrides the entire state like a colossus. Governor Okowa has been able to galvanize a state described as mini Nigeria because of its diverse and pluralistic ethnic nature into one loving, united and peaceful entity.

Today, all Deltans see themselves as one irrespective of their tribes, tongue and creed. Because he loves peace, and has sense of unity and purposeful leadership skill embedded in him, Governor Okowa is able to rule a microsm of a state that is not different from the entire Nigeria’s structure;  hence the state is usually referred to as a mini Nigeria as earlier pointed out.

There is no doubting the fact that Governor Okowa will perform a similar feat when he gets to Aso Rock as the number two citizen in the country for he is gifted with organizational acumen, not tribalized, clannish and not given  to ethnic chauvinism. I belive it was on that ground and being a man blessed with such enviable qualities that AtikuAbubakar found him worthy to be his running mate.

It was on that the Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Sherriff Oborevwori and the PDP  governorship  hopeful for Delta State, is leveraging on to succeed Governor Okowa in order not to have any vacuum created.

The governorship candidate, who Deltans are rallying round with their support,  and vowed to continue from where  DrIfeanyiOkowa stops.

In other words, the Government House, Asaba, is anxiously waiting to welcome Sherriff Oborevwori into its very bowel. 

Leaving a legacy behind is one thing, and finding someone to emulate it is another thing. For Presidential candidate of PDP,  AtikuAbubakar who was one time Vice President of Nigeria, his running mate, and Governor of Delta State, Dr. IfeanyiOkowa, and the PDP governorship of Delta State House of Assembly (DTHA), Hon. Sherriff Oborevwori, many Deltans and other Nigerians have seen them as parties in progress that will liberate Nigerians from the depth of economic quagmire they have been struggling to wriggle out from, and other accompanying  hardships.

 The PDP Presidential candidate, AtikuAbubakar,  is a man that has high quest for the unity of the country, penchant for justice, fair play and equity hence he believes in spreading the national cake, and ensures that appointments are not concentrated in only one region where they are people qualifies to handle such appointments in other regions.

Deltans, and Nigerians in general, with exception of those vying from other political parties, have eyes on the two men of vision, Atiku and Okowa set on a recovery  and restructuring mission to make Nigeria and Nigerians to be proud again, return Nigeria to her past glory by revamping the economy.

Some of our past leaders, Presidents and Governors had looted this country of staggering amounts of money running into billions of dollars, development of the country to other already developed countries.

And some of them are walking freely on the street of the country, and even sponsoring candidates for different political positions.

This anomaly is what Atiku and Okowa, if elected want to put an end to. That is why electorate are poised to have their PVCs ready for action as the aged , those in their middle age and all youths of eligible age are all spoiling  and ready to vote them in on the D-Day in February, 2023 that is already around the corner.

-Efeizomor is Special Assistant on Media to Governor Okowa

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