Is a Move Towards Cloud Call Center Solutions the Wrong One?

With the world moving towards scientific advancements and things becoming more automated, traditional call centers are also making a shift. From a regular and physical presence to keeping the data and work on the cloud, contact centers are on the way to becoming modernized.

Cloud call center solutions are the new fix to the outdated ways in which a contact center functions. Cloud call centers have shifted the data from office space to virtual space with advanced technologies to store and translate data to get valuable insights to deal with customers.

But is the move towards cloud call center solutions the wrong one? Let’s find out.

Cloud Call Center Solutions

A cloud contact center is based on the internet. Unlike traditional contact centers, a cloud one is a virtual office. Agents and managers can log in, get work details and make and receive calls anywhere, anytime, using the internet.

Is a Move Towards Cloud Call Center Solutions the Wrong One?

Cloud call center solutions  are faster, more effective, provide high ROI and improve productivity and satisfaction of the employee and customer.

So, moving towards cloud call center solutions is not wrong. Instead, it’s the need of the hour. Apart from decreasing the average handle time (AHT) and downtime, here are some reasons why making the shift will improve a call center’s performance.

  • Improved Speed

Traditional call centers require months of rigorous work and setup to install everything and test the connections. Setting up computers, downloading applications, connecting storage resources, and testing them can take a lot of time.

Cloud call center solutions, on the other hand, are easy and effective. Moreover, the setup saves time and energy as it is a ready-to-go setup that provides fast results.

  • High ROI

A standard call center needs a good investment and capital to set up. Buying equipment, paying the cost of setup, and running the contact center require a lot of money. Not to forget the regular repairs or additional costs that may pile up.

Moving the contact center from a hardware-based business to the cloud can significantly lower the cost required to run it. A Cloud call center requires an internet connection, a laptop, and a headset. This increases the profitability and the ROI of the business.

  • Increases Productivity

Working from home is an excellent motivator for many people. Additionally, the tools like CRM and other software help an agent get more detail about a customer instantly. This can significantly increase client satisfaction, improving an agent’s productivity and work.

  • Automation

Cloud call center solutions improve speed and efficiency and automate the process. For example, an agent working in a cloud contact center can easily make use of software like CTI (computer telephony integration), IVR (interactive voice response), IV (interactive video), predictive dialer, etc.

These technologies automate most processes and decrease the workload on a calling agent. Consequently, the employee can focus on important tasks without getting distracted.

  • Ease of Use

Standard contact centers have complex and difficult-to-understand interfaces for admin profiles, supervisors, etc. Those can make it difficult for new employees to understand the work and navigate through the system.

Cloud contact centers incorporate easy-to-use interfaces. Employees can view vital information and customer data in a single dashboard. It makes the tasks simple and swift.

  • Analytics

Modern cloud contact centers have tools to analyze and gather customer information. They include services like tracking employees’ performance, managing call time, keeping track of spending and incoming calls, etc.

This information can help a business to read the analytics and make changes according to the present data.

  • Scale Up and Down

Scaling up during the peak months and scaling down when the business load lessens can be a hassle for traditional call center solutions. In addition, hiring employees and training them requires investment and energy. So, scaling up and down for a standard call center is challenging.

Cloud call centers, however, don’t require such things. Instead, the setup is entirely virtual, and adding or removing workers from the team is as easy as sending a text and getting it done.

  • Employee Experience

Cloud call center solutions are location-independent. It means an employee can work from home, during a commute, in the office, or even on vacations. This dramatically helps with increasing an agent’s experience.

Employees who are relaxed and well-rested can put in more effort and productivity. This increases the company’s work ethic and positively impacts the employee’s experience.


Don’t we all hate waiting hours to talk to a brand representative? Unfortunately, getting left on hold is not something a customer appreciates. So, cloud call center solutions offer call queuing  to clients.

It means the customer can leave their number, and the agent will call them whenever they’re available. This improves client satisfaction and is one of the reasons why cloud call centers are superior.

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