HP Launches Sure Access Enterprise to Protect Data, Systems

Emma Okonji

HP Inc. has announced enhancements to its HP Wolf Security endpoint protection portfolio, with the launch of Sure Access Enterprise (SAE).

SAE protects users with rights to access sensitive data, systems, and applications. It prevents attackers from hi-jacking the privileged sessions, even if the users’ endpoint device is compromised, thus making access to high value data and systems to remain secured. It stops minor endpoint breaches turning into major security incidents.

Available to HP and non-HP devices, SAE leverages HP’s unique task isolation technology to run each privileged access session within its own, hardware-enforced virtual machine (VM). This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data being accessed, isolating it from any malware in the endpoint operating system. Users are free to conduct privileged, non-privileged, and personal activities securely from one machine. It improves user experience, reduces Information Technology (IT) overheads, and enhances protection. 

Announcing the solution, Global Head of Security for Personal Systems at HP Inc, Ian Pratt, said: “Gaining access to a privileged users’ device is a critical step in the attack chain. From here, an attacker can scrape credentials, escalate privileges, move laterally, and exfiltrate sensitive data. Sure Access Enterprise is a unique solution that prevents this escalation, thwarting attackers.”

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