Paxful Becomes Africa Bitcoin Conference Major Sponsor  

Paxful, the global peer-to-peer fintech platform, has been announced as one of the lead sponsors for the first annual Africa Bitcoin Conference (ABC), taking place on 5 – 7 December, 2022 in Accra, Ghana.  

The conference, titled; “Accelerate Bitcoin Adoption in Africa,” aims to foster collaboration among thousands of Bitcoin developers, technologists, investors, advocates, and educators working in the African bitcoin ecosystem. Additionally, the event hopes to strengthen knowledge and resource sharing and form connections between African influencers and those working around the globe.  

The three-day event will see Paxful founder and CEO, Ray Youssef give a keynote presentation on the event’s main stage—championing Accra as one of the biggest hubs for the future of finance and a bridge to Africans. During his keynote, Ray will share why he still believes Africa is leading the way to a financial revolution through Bitcoin.  

According to the head of the Africa Bitcoin Conference, Farida Nabourema, she said, “the conference will be the first of its kind, bringing together Bitcoin stakeholders from across Africa and beyond. Numerous networking opportunities will be offered during the conference, and we are honoured to partner with Paxful with the intention of being a point of entry for organizations throughout the Africans to embrace this innovative technology.”  

As a major sponsor, Paxful will be prominently featured in event education and branding to the event’s 1,000+ attendees.  

“Our society runs on money yet access is not equitable. Africans know this better than anyone. Bitcoin changes that—it allows anyone with the Internet to join the global market,” said Paxful CEO Ray Youssef. “I’ve seen first-hand how Bitcoin grows local economies and entrepreneurship in Africa. It’s about purpose over price and that is how we get to global adoption. Africa is already leading the way, but in order to bring on the next generation, we need to educate more people around Bitcoin’s utility and how it supports financial inclusion.”   

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