World Heart Day 2022: PPC Recommends Healthy Lifestyle for Heart Disease Management 

Uzoma Mba 

PPC Healthcare, a subsidiary of PPC Limited, a leading engineering and infrastructure development company, with deep footprints in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape, has called on Nigerians to take charge of their heart health by embracing a healthy lifestyle to improve their heart conditions.

The company in a statement to commemorate the World Heart Day 2022, said it was important to educate people on how to maintain a healthy heart in order to reduce incidents of sudden death.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths globally, responsible for more than 18 million deaths yearly. Four out of five cardiovascular deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes.

According to a 2020 World Health Organisation (WHO) data, deaths through Coronary Heart Disease in Nigeria accounts for about 61,374 or 4.14% of total deaths in the country.

The Head of Medical Devices at PPC Limited, Bamidele Nse-Jacobs said various life-threatening cardiac diseases could be detected early with regular cardiac checks or use of personal health monitoring devices.

According to her, Bittium Faros, an ultra-slim, personal cardiac monitoring device, has been found effective in the detection of arrhythmia, which is one of the first signs of an unhealthy heart.

She explained that Bittium Faros is capable of detecting, recording and wirelessly transmitting fully-recorded ECG information, irrespective of time or place, to cardiologists for analysis and interpretation.

She identified some of the early signs of heart failure as shortness of breath, chest pain, persistent coughing, palpitations, fatigue, swelling of the legs, ankles and feet and general chest discomfort.

Nse-Jacobs said, “Chronic Mental and psychological stress are some of the predisposing factors that increase the risk of having a heart attack. As much as we cannot escape from stress in our everyday life, regular exercise, meditation, and quality sleep​ can​ help to lower stress levels. 

“Exercises can help to improve cardiovascular health by controlling weight, improving cholesterol level in the blood, and lowering blood pressure. People who lead a stressful life can take a few minutes off work to do something relaxing. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of depression, which is another risk factor for heart disease.”

She encouraged those who were at a high risk of heart disease due to intense stress or family history to conduct regular checks or seek immediate medical help. 

She explained that good nutrition ​could ​help keep the heart healthy; adding that food low in salt, low in fat, high in fibre as well as adequate water intake, fruits and vegetables are​ ​good for the heart.

While practicing healthy living, Nse-Jacobs encouraged Nigerians to go for regular heart checks to identify cardiac problems early, even before symptoms appear, for prompt medical intervention.

PPC Healthcare is committed to improving health outcomes through the deployment of state-of the-art medical diagnostic and treatment equipment for health facilities across Nigeria

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