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Falae, Other SDP Chieftains Lament Poor State of Nation

<strong>Falae, Other SDP Chieftains Lament Poor State of Nation</strong>

Oghenevwede Ohwovoriole in Abuja

Chieftains of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), including a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Chief Olu Falae, and one-time Minister of Education, Prof. Tunde Adeniran, yesterday, lamented the poor state of affairs in the country, saying Nigeria was in dire straits.

Speaking at the official opening of the party’s new secretariat in Abuja, Falae, a former national chairman of the party, emphasised the insecurity that has engulfed the entire country unlike in the 70s and 80s, recalling his kidnap experience at the age of 77, in his farm, stressing that all hands must be on deck to rescue the country.

“Nigeria, today, is in crisis. You cannot move from one town today to another without the fear of being kidnapped. I, myself was kidnapped for four days, seven years ago in my farm. When I was a child, I travelled from Akure to attend school by myself. No kidnapper, no problem.

“At 77 years old, I was kidnapped. That tells you the dramatic decline in Nigeria. Only a party properly structured can change it. Not this so-called big parties. When I say they are not parties, they say they control the federal government, state governments. Controlling government does not define a party,” he said.

Adeniran, on his part, expressed worry over what he referred to as “cynical manipulation of the political process”, saying Nigeria could only work through a liberated ideology backed by a workable legal status.

“Democracy can only be consolidated in Nigeria through a liberated ideology that serves as a guide to action and supporting structures especially, with workable legal system. This is the time to confront the provocative question of democracy on our fatherland. I remain deeply concerned about the prevailing political climate, the cynical manipulation of the political process, which has become more worrisome.

“Widespread insecurity, the state of poverty in our fatherland and the multiple challenges require the efforts of people from all walks of life to fix it,” he said.

In his remarks, the National Chairman of the party, Shehu Gabam, said the SDP would rescue Nigeria from the brink of collapse, if elected come 2023.

“Administratively, we are prepared. In terms of campaign, we are prepared. We have all the arsenal to traverse Nigeria. We know this country. I have visited all the states in Nigeria. We have the determination, we have the energy and we are not likely to be deterred or intimidated by anybody.

“I am very happy that our presidential candidate is a courageous person. He is hardworking and we will add our strength and value from the presidential, governorship and state houses of assembly to win the election,” he said.

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