Artisans Advised to Leverage Technology for Wealth Creation

Artisans Advised to Leverage Technology for Wealth Creation

The Assistant General Secretary of the Lagos State Association of Professional Plumbers, Mr. Taiwo Igbayisanmi, has said artisans need to leverage technology in their service delivery and wealth creation for their skills. Addressing a group of young artisans in Lagos recently, Igbayisanmi said it is crucial for the artisans to get exposed to technology and maximise its benefits if they must remain relevant in business.

According to Igbayisanmi, newer technologies are released into the market daily to enable faster and better service delivery, and unless the artisans are deliberate in their search for these technologies, they will remain stuck to the old ways of service delivery and deprive themselves of good earnings for their services. Igbayinsanmi further said there are various apps that can also enable their businesses and advised artisans to search for information.

The Plumbing Association Executive said an app such as Clickafix has since its inception been transforming the way businesses are conducted in the informal sector by creating a platform that connects artisans and their customers. He said artisans already enrolled on the app are getting business from customers they never knew about and are getting well paid. On Clickafix are hundreds of artisans such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and technicians for generators, refrigerators, air conditioning, and other home appliances. Clickafix also offers home cleaning and fumigation services.

According to Igbayisanmi, Clickafix is an app for forward-thinking artisans who are tired of being idle and want to make the most of their time.According to him, Clickafix is a technology that every artisan should be conversant with and leverage for their businesses.

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