SquirrelPR Set to Build Africa’s Largest Open Media Database

Emma Okonji

Squirrel Media Technologies has launched SquirrelPR, a media relations tool that connects corporate communications officers and Public Relations agencies to thousands of journalists across Africa through the continent’s largest open media database.

At the official launch of the service in Lagos, the co-founder, SquirrelPR, James Ezechukwu said: “The solution is the first PR DIY tool in Africa specifically developed for media managers to enhance their productivity.”

He added: “SquirrelPR hopes to redefine the way PR agencies and media relations officers approach their job. We are optimistic that this technology will revolutionise the media relations sub-sector. This is a simple, easy-to-use solution that any media manager will find invaluable in their day-t0-day operations.

“At the heart of SquirrelPR is the ability to connect and deepen the relationship between the media manager and his main constituency – the journalists.”

Ezechuwku who is also the Chief Technology Officer of SquirrelPR, reiterated that the technology would play a critical role in media relations management across industries as it leverages unique and evolving technology that brings to the fore the core values necessary for relationship management. 

Currently, one of the greatest challenges media officers face is lack of access to the right set of journalists. In so many instances, this access at a critical moment such as in time of reputation crisis makes all the difference. As a result, we think that every business needs to maintain a decent level of relationship with the media. Therefore, what we do at SquirrelPR is to connect businesses to journalists, enabling them to have a one-on-one connection and build a relationship that their brands need, Ezechuwku said.

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