Experts Urge Government to Create Enabling Environment for Informal Sector

Oluchi Chibuzor

The Technical Advisor on Employment Promotion to the Governor of Edo State, Helen Igboka, has urged governments at every level to create an enabling environment for the informal sector of the economy to thrive.

Speaking at the Second Edition of the Clickafix Webinar Series, Igboka said the informal sector of the economy is the soul of every economy and governments must pay due attention to the sector if poverty is to be eradicated in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Igboka said there is a need to change the orientation of artisans, who make up the largest percent of the informal sector, to that of entrepreneurship.

According to her, artisans are demeaned as lower class citizens because there is a perception that only the less privileged or dullards go into vocational training and there is a lack of capacity by the artisans to present themselves as professionals in offering their services. This, according to her, is robbing artisans of their earnings and respect in society while discouraging the younger ones from taking up vocations that suit their skills.

Commending Clickafix for providing a marketplace platform where service seekers and artisans can transact business and be mutually satisfied, Igboka said apps such as Clickafix are creating an enabling environment for artisans to thrive and enabling comfort, convenience, and choices for the populace. Clickafix is a one-stop shop for tested and trusted artisans such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and technicians for generators, air conditioning, refrigerators, and other home appliances.

Also speaking, the Assistant Secretary of the Lagos State Association of Professional Plumbers, Mr. Taiwo Igbayisanmi, said Clickafix is transforming the entrepreneurship sector with the opportunities being provided for artisans to meet clients they may never have come across. He said the platform is also changing the perception of the artisans and enhancing respect for their trade because there is mutual respect between the customer reached via Clickafix and the artisans.

 Igbayisanmi also said government at all levels must stay committed to training and retraining of artisans to enhance their capacity for professional delivery of service. He also advised artisans to constantly improve themselves through continuous learning and exposure to new technology.

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