A Global Award For Active Philanthropy, ISACA Serving Humanity

At the recent Information Audit System and Control Association (ISACA), Global Gala Night and Conference held in New Orleans US government the ISACA Abuja chapter in Nigeria clinched the Outstanding Chapter Achievement Award among 200 chapters for selfless services and exceeding set goals that advance humanity and local membership in Abuja. Rebecca Ejifoma highlights the impact and the plans of ISACA Abuja for its host communities

It was a historic moment that changed the

Information Audit System and Control Association (ISACA) Abuja chapter forever. May 4 will remain a sensational day filled with heart-swelling pride and awe after the chapter representatives mounted the podium in New Orleans US to officially receive the plaque in front of the cheering audience both in the hall and virtually from all around the world at the 2022 ISACA Global Gala Night and North America Conference.

According to the association, local chapters are the fundamental building blocks of ISACA worldwide. They are often closest to members and key drivers in achieving ISACA’s mission. The awards, therefore, recognise outstanding and altruistic contributions by chapters and individual chapter leaders in fulfilling the objectives of ISACA and the needs of its professional community.

“I felt so excited when we heard the news. It was like a dream come true because I can remember very well that at the beginning of my career, I used to travel from Jos to Abuja to attend their meetings. So, I can categorically say that I was there when the chapter was in its bud stage. I was able to experience the aspiration and the dreams of the founding members and today the dream has come true,” says the President of ISACA Abuja, Mr Emmanuel Omoke.

Consequently, Omoke believes dearly that if one is passionate, tenacious, and consistent with what one believes in it would come true one day. For him, this undeniably goes a long way to show how blessed Nigerians are. “We have the capability, the capacity, and the human resources that can spotlight Nigeria on the global stage in this digital transformation going on worldwide,” he expressed with enthusiasm.

ISACA is a global association that provides IT professionals with knowledge, credentials, training and community in audit, governance, risk, and privacy. It continues to acknowledge and celebrate chapters that exceed service goals by actively supporting local membership, and thus ISACA. , each year from all across the world, members of ISACA assemble in a selected country to network, build knowledge, and strengthen goals while the board tips hat to outstanding contributions that advance their professional community and exemplify their purpose and leadership.

To reward distinctively rich performances for adroit and flawless jobs, ISACA Abuja Chapter was celebrated alongside the Central UK Chapter, Manila Chapter, Singapore Chapter, Sri Lanka Chapter and Toronto Chapter at the ISACA North America Conference this year. ISACA Abuja Chapter got a deserving plaque for its Outstanding Chapter Achievement Award, and the Director-General, Mr Kachifo Inuade, received the Inspirational Leadership Award of the year.

Omoke, who was present at the occasion with the immediate past President Abuja Chapter, Mr Glory Idehen, detailed their redeeming quality. “What stood us out is the diversity, commitment, and passion of the Abuja chapter which is also similar to about 200 chapters we have globally,” noting that they pull subject-matter experts from various institutions across different sectors of the economy. “At our monthly webinar, which we make free to the public, we enlighten them on  trending issues globally, government policies, benefits, challenges, and opportunities.”

Adding, the president and IT expert highlighted that the chapter puts together an annual conference where they converge the renowned experts globally to meet with our global communities on strategies that would accelerate and help the government, private institutions and NGOs in the design or implementation of cyberspace policies that will positively affect, increase revenue and safe cyberspace for the general public.

Intervention Projects in Abuja

From a vantage point, ISACA Abuja Chapter is building a bond amongst others.

Community Day 

Community Day 

According to the president, ISACA global also introduced Community Day every first Saturday of October which helps them consistently relate to the community around them. Omoke narrated, “I remember the first community day we observed. We did roadwork on keeping cyberspace secured. For the second edition, we went to a public secondary school and planted trees, painted some of the buildings, and had symposiums and easy writing among the high school students on how to keep the environment.

Volleyball Court To Keep Youth Off The Streets

With the countless criminal activities, and drug and substance abuse among other crimes triggered by idleness, the chapter raised funds to construct a volleyball court for public schools at the last Community Day. It was solely to ensure that “Our youth are engaged in physical activities instead of using the time to engage in negative vices. This was also our selling point”.

Meanwhile, the chapter is planning to leverage the numerous digital infrastructure. Dr Kachifuo Inuwa Abdullahi, the Director-General of the Nigerian Information Technology Agency and an active member of the chapter is bridging the digital inequality gaps that existed in the rural areas.

Take Away

If there was anything such a moment left the president with, it was to be unrestrained as a people. “The take-home for me is for us as a country to know that we shouldn’t limit ourselves. We should believe in ourselves because we have the intellectual people that have the capacity and capability to put Nigeria ahead of the pack on the global map in the digital transformation and revolution going on globally.

Hence, members of the ISACA Abuja chapter, have come to terms with the fact that a reward for good work is more work. “We are doing our best to make sure that we maintain the momentum. And we contribute in the best way we can toward nation-building.”

Today, ISACA Abuja boasts selfless service to its organisation and industries with exemplary achievements and noteworthy contributions to advancing technology. Outstanding IT audit, risk, governance, privacy and cybersecurity professionals are being recognised with ISACA’s 2022 Global Achievement Awards as well as through its new Hall of Fame for their accomplishments and contributions that advance the professional community and exemplify ISACA’s purpose.

Leaving A Lasting Legacy

ISACA Global in a bid to give back to society established a day every first Saturday of October to give back to society.

It’s a day to show a little kindness through community activities that will boost awareness, and create a positive impact on the environment.

With these mileage and charitable works, there is no doubt then that touching lives is in “our DNA. That is the purpose of ISACA,  impacting lives positively and making cyberspace safe and secure for all stakeholders,” he said excitedly. That is why ISACA Abuja Chapter pledges to contribute to capacity building and public-spirited acts across the nation toward the digital inequality gap at the moment.

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