Innovative Election Monitoring App launched ahead 2023 elections

Elections can be quite challenging and intricate; and with another election just around the corner, a lot of internal and external questions would continue to trail both the active participants and their respective camps. Questions surrounding resource deployment, people management, voter mobilization, votes tabulation and incidence reporting present inevitable complexities that require experience and deft management skills.

Going through this list alone already gives a hint of stress to some and that is exactly how it feels to attempt to run a political campaign without an inkling of what to expect. Political campaigns have gone way beyond running on cruise control. A lot is invested; hence a lot should be expected. One thing that is sure however, is the fact that no election is Nigeria is won without “assistance”.

That necessary aid is what tech entrepreneur – Khalil Halilu, with over 12 years’ experience building tech solutions, has spearheaded the development of this new innovative project and resource management app. His app which is fully tested and ready for launch is intricately designed for the young and upwardly mobile political aspirants who intend to execute a clean and near-perfect political campaign with a drastically improved chance of winning.

All of the issues that come with running a political campaign combine to present favourable or unfavourable outcomes in any election. According to those who have first-hand experience in managing elections in various jurisdictions and at various levels (national & sub-national), the intricacies that come with elections can be seriously overwhelming- This is where Khalil’s election resource management app comes in.

Created by developers with over 35 years of experience building election tools across Africa running so many elections at different levels, this app comes off the back of years of research, analysis, and studying several elections in Africa. This new app has been formulated to help navigate these intricacies, de-clutter the issues, present relevant and useful analysis, and provide a technological basis of managing elections. From how much to spend, the areas to focus on, the probability for success, and several other questions.

This system features parallel vote tabulation, incidence reporting, canvasser management and much more. It aggregates granular information, in different modes, from different sources and presents them in a digestible format for intelligent decision making and optimal resource utilization.

This election prediction, analysis, intelligence & resource management software presents upwardly mobile political aspirants with multifaceted data. Historical Data like voter turnout, voting patterns, political stronghold distributions, and terrain analysis. It also presents current data like the number of registered voters for each LGA/wards/PU, predicted turnout, winning criteria, political stronghold distributions, and so much more.

But that’s not all, it also comes with optional services that include: Election narrative management system, offline/online ad placements, social media content development & application, and so much more. Diligently built and innovatively structured by experts in building tech solutions that are local and addresses the unique African terrain – for instance, the offline functionality for areas with poor coverage.

“This is going to radically change how elections are ideated, strategized, and executed. I’ve never seen anything like it – Not in Nigeria, and not even abroad” an elder statesman from Northern Nigeria stated when asked what his thoughts were on the new app.

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