Senami Releases New Song

Tosin Clegg

Senami is an AfroRnB singer and songwriter whose passion for music started at an early age and gradually nurtured through singing lessons, playing the violin and fully got into music creation. In 2020, she had her first recording, which gave her the full conviction that music was what she wanted.

This week, Senami released her debut single titled “Body.” It was produced by Steph. The song is a beautiful narration of her strong desire for the man of her dreams. Her voice glides smoothly on the instrumental, leading to a sweet rendition. 

Shedding insights on what her new song is all about, she said, “Creating the song was one of the most straightforward things for me because I was determined to finish a whole song, when I started writing I kept telling myself “we have to finish this one” I just caught the vibes for it and let the words come.”

Senami has gained the trust of some fans on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram, through short, fascinating freestyles. She hopes to give listeners a means to get in touch with their emotions and feelings through her music as she looks forward to performing her songs on stage to a warm audience.

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