Reward for Air Peace Boss, Allen Onyeama’s Good Deed

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That Allen Onyeama, Chief Executive Officer, Air Peace, has been able to stand tall despite all odds against him particularly in his business is what astounds many. But what they don’t understand about this lawyer cum entrepreneur is that he was born with the proverbial lucky star.  Nevertheless, he has never taken the grace of God in his life for granted.

All his life, Onyema always aimed for the best. Even so, he has an abiding trust in the Almighty God. He remains unshaken even when things are difficult and seem almost impossible to actualise.

Earlier in life, he started as a lawyer and later ventured into the real estate business. As fate would have it, he joined the players in the aviation sector. Today, he’s regarded as one of the major players in West Africa’s Aviation Sector. Those close to him revealed that he has remained relevant based on his wonted tenacity and doggedness.

No doubt, evidence of his success abounds. Despite a series of media attacks targeted at maliciously denting the reputation he has built over the years with dedication, selflessness and hard work, he has always been vindicated.

The cosmopolitan business magnate, who had sowed in tears, is currently reaping bountifully, as his airline, Air Peace, is being showered accolades by all for its seamless services and good customer relations.

Leveraging his intelligence in the business, the Anambra State-born Onyeama has been able to move his company from an indigenous airline leasing a few planes to owning fleets plying international routes; thus, putting Air Peace in the leagues of industry players in Africa and the rest of the world while also according Nigeria the great prestige she deserves among the comity of nations.

Not yet sated, Onyeama, it was gathered, recently brokered peace and interceded between the federal government and airline operators to ensure airlines are not grounded due to the unavailability of aviation fuel.

This act added to several commendations he has received for his various patriotic acts over the years. To prove that his numerous humanitarian and philanthropic activities have not gone unnoticed, Onyeama has been bestowed with the National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) award by President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja.

He has created well over 3,000 jobs through the establishment of Air Peace in 2014. And in less than 10 years, the airline has grown to own the largest fleet in West Africa.

Many would not forget in a hurry how the renowned entrepreneur in 2019 evacuated hundreds of Nigerians from South Africa during the Xenophobic attacks.

Onyema has also been involved in many social investments, which have impacted Nigerians in various ways, especially the deployment of aircraft for rescue flights during the lockdown in 2020; corporate philanthropy, massive employment, and other social impact initiatives.

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