Hangout With Tee Champions Women for Greatness, Fun

Latest |2022-05-20T00:12:38

Esther Akinsola 

Hangout With Tee is an undeniably rewarding platform that seeks to inspire women into attaining sterling heights in their various fields while also keeping up with social life

This was the ambience that greeted guests at the 7th edition organised in Lagos State was on the theme, “Unwrap Am”. The all-female gathering had motivational speeches from great minds, dance competition, perks, raffle draw, music, arts and crafts, photography and lots more. 

With an undying aim to pull women together for networking, boosting their confidence, and unwind, participants were treated to a sumptuous musical delicacy by Eniola Larondo, a talking drum arriste; DJ Jenny Switch; Kemistree; Ebele the Flutist; and Lydia Johnson. 

In the words of the Convener, Hangout With Tee, Titi Oyemade, her passion is for the women to thrive. 

“I observed that a lot of women don’t have time for themselves because they are so occupied with work and taking care of everyone around them,” she said. 

That is why she felt the need to organise this event for them to loosen up and enjoy themselves. Adding, she expressed that the programme is on the quest to promote self confidence, positivity and self love.

Speaking with newsmen, popular broadcaster, Mrs. Bimbo Oloyede, said this platform is relevant for women who wish to improve themselves, exchange ideas and synergise. 

While urging women to empower themselves financially and be self-reliant, she harped on the need for multiple streams of income. 

“Women should be natural and stop limiting themselves. We have different talents embedded in us that could be used in a variety of ways,” says Oloyede.

Not paying so much attention to the many hurdles, the guest speaker recommended that women should focus on turning those challenges into strengths or learning from the mistake so that it won’t repeat.

On her part, Nollywood star, Marcy Dolapo Oni, charged women to expand their knowledge. “Knowledge is power. Women should unwrap their skills and talents. 

“They should think about what comes to them naturally and nurture it. Women should put themselves out there and keep pushing.”

For Oni, women should strive to put their best foot forward, especially when they find themselves in a male-dominated environment. “I also think women should go out there and do what they need to do.”