Who Accepts Bitcoin in 2022?

Do you want to pay for a product with Bitcoin but are unsure which companies accept it? Here is a list of companies that will take Bitcoin in 2022.

Bitcoin has undoubtedly monopolized the cryptocurrency industry with its increasing demand and popularity. This virtual currency has taken the globe by storm. It is the primary and most famous digital currency gaining worldwide acceptance. In some countries like El Salvador, Bitcoin is a legal tender. However, not all companies or businesses accept this virtual currency. Here’s a list of companies that will take this digital currency in 2022.


Most people know PayPal as a traditional digital payment service. But this company tops the list of brands that accept Bitcoin. Aside from acquiring and selling the crypto asset, PayPal customers in the United States can use it at vendors that receive Bitcoins.


You can’t purchase a product at Starbucks and use Bitcoin to pay for it. Instead, the company allows you to use the Bakkt app, which helps you convert Bitcoins into dollars and pay for anything you purchase.

Burger King

As per the local news, Burger King Outlets in Venezuela openly declared their decision to start recognizing Bitcoin as a means of payment. They also accept Ethereum and Dash. The German branch of Burger King has begun receiving Bitcoin on its website and mobile app. That means you can pay with Bitcoin for any delivery services.

So, if you want to pay with this virtual currency for your delivery, you can use bitqh.net to purchase Bitcoins and send them to your crypto wallet. After that, you can pay for your delivery with this virtual currency. 


Amazon has yet to accept crypto payments directly, but you can use Purse.io if you wish to pay with Bitcoin, you can use Purse.io. You can use Bitcoins to pay for any product you buy on this platform.


Microsoft offers a variety of options that you can utilize while paying with Bitcoin. For instance, you can use Bitcoin to pay for your Microsoft account. Also, you can pay for Xbox Live, Microsoft apps, games, and other digital content with this virtual currency. 

Whole Foods

To complete Bitcoin transactions on whole foods, you will use the Flexa platform, which converts Bitcoin into dollars immediately. In the end, the company allows customers to enjoy seamless payments using this virtual currency.

Home Depot

This home improvement retailer also uses the Flexa platform to accept Bitcoin payments. Paying via Bitcoin is an excellent way because you enjoy a seamless and affordable transaction when buying your home improvement products.

Cheap Air

This online travel company began approving crypto payments via coinbase but later moved to a BTC pay service. Cheap Air accepts Bitcoin, a more stable currency, as a payment for hotel reservations and flights. 


Newegg is an online retailer that sells electronic products, including computer systems, gaming, health and sports, office solutions, toys, drones, and more. You don’t require a different app to change Bitcoin into cash. Its website has a “pay with Bitcoin feature” at check out.  


Overstock is a famous online store in the United States that retails furniture, rugs, decor, home improvement products, jewelry, outdoor furniture, and more at the lowest prices online. The online store has partnered with coinbase to accept Bitcoin payments.


Wikipedia is a comprehensive online encyclopedia. It accepts donations and financial contributions via Bitcoin. Wikimedia is the company that manages Wikipedia and uses Bitpay as the payment platform.  


AT&T is a telecommunication company specializing in unlimited data plans, internet service, and DIRECTV STREAM. AT &T was the first firm in the telecommunication industry to accept Bitcoin payments via the Bitpay platform.  

Dallas Mavericks 

The Dallas Mavericks now receive Bitcoin as a payment method for both game tickets and merchandise. Bitpay processes all the Bitcoin expenses through the company’s website.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins aspire to give home game attendees the option to pay with Bitcoin when paying for tickets for their 50/50 raffles. Half of the proceeds support the Miami Dolphins Foundation and its charitable organizations. 

This article is not an exhaustive list of companies that accept Bitcoin payments. Research further, and you might find a retailer near you accepting Bitcoin. 

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