Bundle Sponsors Vocational Grants to Over 3,000 Women


Nume Ekeghe

Bundle, a social trading app has partnered with the Feminst Coalition, and TEFEM, to donate educational and vocational grants over 3000 women. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Bundle, Emmanuel Babolola, in a statement said: “Bundle’s decision to support this ecosystem of women is born out of the obvious gap between men and women in the crypto and tech space in general. There is a need for more female representation across all sectors and we want to be a part of this growth.”

“We intend to consciously drive inclusion by empowering these women with the knowledge and resources needed to take the next step. That’s why beyond the grant we will also be offering educational training on Udemy for those who are interested’. The Feminist Coalition believes it is every girl’s right to access quality education.

Women’s rights & safety is one of three pillars of our work and, undoubtedly, girls’ education is a space we are committed to working within, for the advancement of Nigerian women. This donation from Bundle to our Girls Education Program will change the lives of brilliant young girls from disadvantaged communities.” said a Feminist Coalition spokesperson.