Lifecard Rewards Exceptional Performance

Mary Nnah

In a bid to encourage young people to be more innovative in what they do and also to woo more customers, Lifecard International Real Estate Investment Company, an ingenious real estate firm, that is speedily penetrating the real estate market in Africa, recently held “The Day of Advantage”.

This is an initiative that sets a day aside to celebrate its outstanding staff, partners and investors.

Founder / CEO of Lifecard International Investment Limited, Grace Ofure explained that “The Advantage is a LifeCard Real Estate Investment maiden programme will be held every January during which we recognise our partners, investors, and every one that trusts our brand – our customers.”

Speaking further, she said, “We are feeding the diaspora market and we have a lot of people who believe in us, so this is a way to celebrate them. Lifecard is more than just a real estate company; it is a vision to help people get the right kind of investment.”

“So, the Day of Advantage is the day that we encourage the customers during which we give discounts, products and then talk to the staff and tell them about the great thing that they have done and if we have a new product, we unveil it”, she noted.

During the event, the company gave out prizes, including cars to young people in various departments who have worked hard and remained committed. Partners and investors were likewise appreciated.

“On an occasion like this, we showcase different things for the new year and celebrate our achievements in the last year.

“And Lifecard is a crop of young people, so we just want to encourage young people to be more innovative in what they do. The Day of Advantage is going to remain and it is a brand name that is going to evolve into so many things. So, next year is going to be bigger and better”, Ofure noted.

Lifecard, which is just a little above two years is doing so much in the real estate industry, a pace the CEO attributed to the fact that the company’s integrity is sacrosanct.

“The real estate industry has a lot of problems. There are a lot of very shady real estate investments, so we saw this problem in the market and we came to solve it the solution was to say the truth no matter how it hurts.

”Integrity is very important when it comes to real estate. We have been able to be where we are today because we put our integrity first in all that we do.

“A lot of people feel they are in safe hands because they have seen that a lot of the things that we have said have come true. So once you solve a problem and you have integrity, money will come to you.

“So we have been this successful within the space of two years because of our integrity and delivery. Over the years they have seen that we are true to ourselves and true to our clients, which is more important”, she said.

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