Singer, Olakira Gets Maserati Endorsement


Yinka Olatunbosun

2022 kicks off with a glass-shattering move for Nigerian singer Olakira. He has bagged a massive global endorsement deal with the vehicle manufacturer, Maserati. This first of its kind deal is in recognition of his smash hit, ‘In My Maserati’ which continues to receive global acclaim.

Maserati is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer which has over 107 years made luxury cars for deluxe customers.

In a video shared on the brand’s official Instagram page, the singer could not mask his surprise at the amazing deal which was received during a recent foreign trip.

As part of the deal, the superstar has access to Maserati Luxury Cars in any country he visits. Indeed, ‘Hop in my Maserati’ has clawed its way out of the lyrics and hit the road. Olakira is the first African artist to clinch an endorsement deal with the brand.