Abayomi: Omicron Now Predominant Covid Variant in Lagos


Lagos Commissioner for Health, Prof Akin Abayomi, has said that Omicron is now the predominant variant of Covid-19 in Lagos.

Speaking in an interview on Arise TV Monday, Prof Abayomi said Omicron swept through Lagos like a wildfire during Christmas and the new year.

“We have done our sequencing analysis and we have given that result to the presidential steering committee. Our data shows that the predominant virus in circulation in Lagos now is the Omicron. It is very clear from our data, it is also clear from the clinical picture of what we are seeing.

“The ability of this new variant to spread very quickly is what we are seeing in other parts of the world. It is not really going for the respiratory system. So the pattern is consistent. So our genetic sequencing is matching what we are seeing in the clinical arena.

“The fourth wave as we predicted was going to have a very sharp up rise and a very sharp down stroke and that’s exactly what happened. Omicron swept through Lagos like a wild fire and everybody recognizes that at one point around Christmas, and the new year, there wasn’t a household that didn’t have one person with a respiratory tract infection,” he said.

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