Igboho: No Election in S’West in 2023

· Igbos, Itsekiris Solidarise with Yoruba agitators

Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti

A Yoruba rights activist, Mr. Sunday Adeyemo (a.k.a Sunday Igboho) yesterday threatened that there would not be any election in the Southwest in 2023, saying the people of Yoruba Nation were weary of Nigeria.

Igboho added that the Yoruba people could no longer tolerate the feudal and political dominance in the federation, which he said, had been a source of concern nationwide.

He made these remarks yesterday during a pro-Yoruba Nation rally he addressed in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, where thousands of youths trooped out to welcome him.

Before his arrival, a rally staged by different groups, led by Yoruba Nation and Ilana Omo Oodua under the leadership of Prof. Banji Akintoye, took off around 11:00 a.m. with a large number of enthusiasts converging on Ado-Ekiti.

At the rally, Igboho was emphatic that there would be no election in the Southwest in 2023, observing that the Yoruba race was already weary of the Fulani alleged feudal and political dominance in the country.

He said Yoruba would never be slaves again to any other race, saying the only way “to actualise this is by having an independent country and regain freedom from oppression.”

Describing Nigeria as a contraption, Igboho said time was already ripe for the race to wake up from its deep and long slumber and fight for its own emancipation.

He said: “I am sorry for coming late and I want to apologise for this. I went to a meeting with some Yoruba leaders. That was the reason I came late.

“Today, we are here to sensitise our people that we can no longer endure the sufferings being meted out to us by Fulani feudal Lords. We are no longer slaves under them.

“The South has oil and water and other natural resources, but Fulani are the ones enjoying them. Most of our university graduates are Okada riders being what our politicians who tell lies recklessly have made us to be.

“Yoruba is the most educated race in Nigeria. But are these graduates getting jobs? No. Rather, our politicians would be buying motorbikes for them. This is wrong and it must stop. Can they allow their children to ride Okada?

“Today, they have shared everything that belongs to Nigeria among themselves. The President is a Fulani man. Inspector General of Police, Director General of Department of State Services, Chief of Army Staff, Chairmen of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Comptroller General of Immigration and Customs, are all Fulanis.

“They said they gave us the Vice President, who was a mere spare tyre. Let me say this emphatically, we won’t vote in the Southwest in 2023. We need a government of our own.

“The Fulani are kidnapping us and collecting ransoms, killing and raping our women and our leaders were watching because of politics. These are no longer tolerable.

“The next line of action now is that we are entering the bush to chase away these Fulani herders. We don’t want them on our lands again. We will pursue them just like I have been saying”, he stated.

In another statement signed by Media Communications Secretary, Ilana Omo Oodua, Maxwell Adeleye, Igboho added further: “Just like we have said severally, there’s nothing to restructure anymore in Nigeria.

“The coup d’etat of 1966 and how a few bourgeoisies rewrote the federal system of Nigeria to suit their interest is enough reason not to think about restructuring or a revert to the 1963 constitution.

“If reverted, the powerful people holding Nigeria by the jugular will need just executive invasion to turn everything into their abyss of interest just like they did to the Republican Constitution of 1963.

“Also, the ongoing review of the 1999 Constitution is an academic exercise and a complete waste of time. It is just the usual way of providing food for the boys. It is a disaster that must never be allowed to happen.

“We at Ilana Omo Oodua, supported by well-meaning Yoruba people within and beyond the shores of Nigeria will continue to mobilise and educate our people on the dangers associated with our continuous stay in Nigeria.”

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