How to Block Gaming Sites Outside Nigeria?

Gambling has long been a common means of escapism, and it can be a helpful way to get some thrills if done responsibly. However, some gamblers face issues as a result of their activity, whether they be monetary, emotional, or social in nature. Some countries have taken steps in response to gaming and betting concerns. While a few countries regulate gambling, others have taken measures to set up sites that allow for the blocking of gambling websites.

There are a couple of options available to you if you’re a gambling addict looking to block gambling sites outside of Nigeria. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways to block gambling sites outside of Nigeria in this article. All of the methods are extremely simple to implement and will cost you very little or no money.

Use Gamban or BetBlocker

Gamban is a simple application that bans online gambling on every one of your installed devices, providing you with a secure, dependable, and inexpensive way to stay away from betting sites and apps, assisting those with a gambling addiction in overcoming their addiction.

The computer will no longer be able to view gambling websites or applications after it has been installed. The app can be mounted easily on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. We recommend that you install Gamban on all of their devices so that they are completely secured. It is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS. Gamban does not interfere with the use of your computers other than banning gambling websites and applications. All other websites and applications (with no links to gambling) work normally.

If you don’t fancy Gamban, you may opt for Betblocker. Just like GamBan, BetBlocker is a gambling-related software that has been created and sponsored by casinos. To use BetBlocker, users must first install the software on their Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, or Mac devices. Then they pick how long they want to be suspended. Users will block themselves from online casinos of their choice after installing the BetBlocker app. More than 6,700 websites have partnered with BetBlocker, including a vast range of online casinos to avoid while on exclusion.

Put Restrictions on Your Card

If you have been feeding your online betting passion with money from your bank card, you can easily put an end to it. Many banks now allow you to set a cap on how much you can spend on casinos. If you believe you are overspending on gambling, you might want to ask your bank to limit gambling payments.

They do this by preventing your bank account or debit card from being used for betting transactions. Please keep in mind that although most blocks are applied immediately, others are not permanent and can be lifted at any time, depending on the policies and procedures of each bank. Some blockers can be requested directly via the bank’s mobile app, while others will require the user to tell the bank.

Register at Self-Exclusion Scheme

Unless you’re fresh to the online gambling world, you will most likely have read or heard about self-exclusion. There are many self-exclusion services around the world that can help you stay away from online gambling. Most of the self-exclusion services available to gamblers are free of cost, but not all of them are available to people everywhere.

GamStop, for instance, is only open to gamblers in the United Kingdom, and it only works for sites under the UKGC. Casino sites that don’t cooperate with the local authority are not obligated to join this program, therefore there are still some available non-GamStop casinos on that accept players from the UK. If you feel like you need to apply for self-exclusion, there are many services that you can try. However, you must check to be sure of which service is available in your location.

The best part about opting for a self-exclusion service is that you get to choose for how long to want your restriction to run. This means that if you only need to be away from online betting or gambling for six months, you can simply set your self-exclusion to six months. Once the period of exclusion expires, you can go ahead and enjoy online casino gaming.

Use Internal Limits of Gaming Site

Many online casinos know the value of responsible gambling even though they are out to make gains. For this reason, there are a few internal limits that these gaming sites put in place to help you control your activities.

You can find limits on the number of spins you can have on a slot at a time and even spend limits. Take advantage of these internal limits if they will help you control your gambling activities.


Gambling is pretty common in Nigeria and If you are looking to block gaming sites outside Nigeria, it is a super easy thing to do. However, you must note that it requires deliberate efforts on your part to get past gambling addiction or problems. The best thing you can do is try any of the options we have explored here and be deliberate about your actions.

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