How Stonetrust is Revolutionizing Real Estate Industry

Headed by Osunrinade Ibukunoluwa, the Managing Director and the CEO, Stonetrust Realty Limited has grown in leaps and bounds since it was established in 2019.

Ibukunoluwa with over six years of experience in the real estate industry including a sterling performance as General Manager to Landwey Investment Limited- also supervising estate developments that resulted in significant upgrades across 13 of the company’s estates; which was made possible by his wealth of knowledge and experience.

As the government continues to push Nigerian youth into entrepreneurship, this combined with his vision when he was appointed the MD/CEO of Stonetrust Realty Limited, which has recorded unprecedented landmarks of executing six projects under two years of being in existence.

Some of its iconic estates which witnessed a massive sell-out according to him attracted more attention to its quest for ecstatic design and architectural masterpieces.

“We as a leader in the industry are committed to delivering to our clients as some of our project that are now selling include, Dwell Encore and , Essence court 1 Lakowe, while Essence Epe; Richfield Scheme 1, Epe; Castle Prime, Epe; and Dwell, Epe are all sold out,” he said

Currently, through his resilience and relentlessness, he has successfully procured choice properties worth millions of naira and secured the asset base of the company to over 300 million naira, “my singular drive is to do good work that would positively impact the society especially the youths, and foster change and development,” he stated recently.

Established in 2019 with the vision to create opportunities in the sector through distinctive values, honest and sustainable ways for its clients and the community at large, Stonetrust core values cuts across integrity, innovation, value offering, customer centric and excellence all targeted to maintain a culture of delivering satisfactory products and services to our clientele.

According to him, “Stonetrust is intentional about some milestones that qualify it for the realization of certain vital goals; goals that when put together will form an intricate impression of where the company is headed in the industry as we expand our operations across the country.”

“The company boasts of a team of young creative individuals, who are result oriented, committed and experienced in delivering excellently in projects and operations.”

Projects of Stonetrust are designed with innovative concepts to maximize aesthetics and functionality in line with modern trends in the sector along its dedicated 20 staff.

With six projects strategically located within the Island axis of Lagos State with adequate infrastructures ongoing at these respective sites, “we aim to address some of the real estate issues facing the industry. Part of the company’s services includes Real estate advisory, Sales, Marketing and Real Estate Development,” he said.

Commenting about stonetrust determination to see housing deficit in Nigeria is reduced and its commitment to significantly reduce the cost of houses in the country, noted that “Affordability is the focal point of the company’s business. The company believes that proper and adequate housing is not meant for the elites only. As one of the important aims of the global SDGs, adequate housing should not be completely eroded by ambition; otherwise the society runs a risk of losing more vital needs such as adequate healthcare and food, all in a bid to make maximum profit.

“Therefore, Stonetrust is modelled deliberately and creatively to observe the needs of the average citizen in its immediate and indigenous place of establishment. Hence, through tactical measures, for the enlightenment of as many as it can reach through CRSs, Community enlightening programmes (The Confluence) and accessible investment portfolios, we encourage the average individual to invest in Real Estate Investment and further maximize their investment opportunities, ” he stated.

One of Stonetrust Realty’s biggest projections is to become the pioneers of smart homes in Nigeria, “we believe that for us to be successful in the real estate industry there must be an alignment between the company’s mission and its goals. This approach will consciously provide a safe, secure and conducive environment for our clients’ investments to thrive.”

Currently their operations revolve around investments deals on landed properties, “this is only our starting point. Nevertheless, in the next few years, the objectives we look forward to achieving include: complete infrastructural development of all our estates, having a financial reserve that helps the company defy the common financial restrictions faced during its early stages, and the ones anticipated as the journey continues.

“Protect and promote the company’s brand reputation and goodwill to the optimal level, enhance the company’s CSR involvements to the most needed areas within the community, platoon into B2B/industrial real estate services and create and provide more job opportunities; a precise figure of not less than a hundred jobs,” the company stated.

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