That CCT’s Assaulting Statement


One of the few Nigerians, who had proven unworthy of their current postings is the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi Umar. Apart from lacking colour and carriage, he has least shown requisite capacity, not to talk of allegations of corruption that had since trailed his continued stay in office.

However, if there were reservations about his qualification for his current job as the CCT chair, he gave the most fitting answer, last week, after he was caught on camera assaulting a security man at a popular plaza in Abuja.

But, if assaulting the security man was all that the public had to deal with, perhaps, this intervention would have been needless. Umar, through his spokesperson, Ibraheem Al-Hassan, also assaulted and ultimately murdered the English language in their response.

The whole of the statement was fraught with such grammatical errors that a 7th grader shouldn’t make.The embarrassing errors included: “video cliff” instead of “video clip”; “packing lot” instead of “parking lot”; “rode” instead of “rude” and “fixe” instead of “fix”, amongst several other poor sentence balancing that dotted the statement. Although Al-Hassan would later come to explain away some of the content of the statement, unfortunately, that afterthought couldn’t do much in terms of damage control. Yet, the takeaway is constant: that Umar and his team are unfit for that critical office. That was one assault too many!