Eyimofe Gears Up for Lagos Premiere


After a successful run at top festivals across the globe, ‘Eyimofe’, the award-winning film from GDN Studios is set for premiere and cinema release. The studio announced recently that the film will have its Nigerian premiere on Sunday, April 18, and will be available in cinemas on Friday, April 23.

Directed by brothers Arie and Chuko Esiri, the film takes an unflinching look at the pressures of everyday life in Nigeria, the desperate measures people take to survive, and the unrelenting desire to escape to a better life abroad, by whatever means. It traces the parallel lives of Mofe, a stoic electrician and part-time security guard, and Rosa, a struggling hairdresser, both trying to navigate illegal ways of fleeing the country.

‘Eyimofe’ has represented Nigeria globally, having been selected for festivals in 20 countries to date. These include Berlin International Film Festival 2020, where it had its world premiere; the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival; and the American Film Institute (AFI) Film Festival. It has garnered several festival awards including Best Fiction, New Filmmakers at the São Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil), and Achille Valdata Award at the Torino Film Festival (Italy).

“We’ve been encouraged by the tremendous reception the film has received in London, Berlin, São Paolo, Los Angeles and other cities. It’s really exciting to bring ‘Eyimofe’ home to Nigeria and see how audiences react to seeing our lives portrayed onscreen in such a realistic way,” said executive producer, Toke Ibru.

“‘Eyimofe’ is very special to both of us,” said the Esiri brothers. ‘Not just because it’s our first full-length feature, but due to the amazing support we have received from the cast, crew, and a host of backers. We’re grateful to GDN Studios for allowing us to tell this touching story without compromising on production values and for helping to give the film the global exposure it has received. Audiences abroad have taken this movie to their hearts and we look forward to having Nigerians embrace it, even as they discuss some of the issues it raises about the human condition.”

The premiere will be at EbonyLife Place.