There is Still Hope for Nigeria


Today the one word that seems meaningless in Nigeria is no other than the word hope and this is understandably so. On all fronts, the country seems riddled with so many intractable problems that seem to puncture the bubble of even the most optimistic minds.

Little wonder, so many of our young people – in a country blessed with one of the youngest populations in the world – have become hopeless and see immigration to foreign lands like Canada and even worse still, suicide, as their only exit card out of a seemingly hopeless situation that parades no jobs for the youths, decrepit infrastructure, inadequate housing, bad quality education, poor healthcare and high cost of doing business, given numerous unfriendly and stiff regulations. The list is endless.

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, and it is growing at 3.2% a year. The U.S. Census Bureau says that at that rate, there will be an estimated 402 million people in Nigeria in 2050….” VOA, 2019. Nigeria is also the poverty capital of the world with a growing population fast outstripping and depleting available resources.

Be that as it may, Nigeria is a nation blessed with natural resources, good people and culture but over the years, we have mismanaged the country’s vast oil riches, allowed negative westernized infiltrations, ineffective policies, and ignored other resources leaving most of the youthful population with despair, desperation and limited choices of leading a better life on all fronts.

Ballooning unemployment, lack of quality education, lack of basic social amenities, infrastructural decay, an unfriendly business environment, insecurity and many other indicators underscore a dire need for positive, sustainable change by all.

Without urgent, robust and ruthless implementation of effectual strategies, sustainable projects, policies and practices in the socio-economic sector of Nigeria, we may go from bad to worse spelling doom for the youthful population, invariably, propagating the already vicious cycle. More so, global calls-to-action and joint development agendas such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) geared towards ending extreme poverty by 2030 may only be wishful thinking.

Despite all this, it is never too late to arise to take up responsibilities and change the way we do things in our various spheres of the society through innovation, creativity, local production and manufacturing, crafting effective policies and strategies, and striking partnerships. It is more urgent than ever before to restore Nigeria to its past glory through our selfless corporate responsibility and corporate citizenship (to one another and to our nation).

It is in response to the yearning and burning desire to see a new wave and a new order across the continent, the “Socio-Economic Transformers (SET)” was borne. It seeks to serve as a vehicle to drive sustainable development in Nigeria and Africa through social impact measurement, corporate citizenship, capacity building and provision of advisory services geared towards transforming private and public sector policies and practices culminating in positive socio-economic outcomes for the Nigerian and African citizenry.

Socio- Economic Transformers (SET) is a social enterprise that specializes in measuring social impact in the social space by proffering solutions in the socio-economic sector with the sole aim of fostering and facilitating impactful innovations, birthing great businesses, enhancing sustainable organizations, corporate citizenship, employment opportunities and socio-economic growth across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. SET is poised to measure effectively, impact, forge, improve, and lead change with innovative ideas, projects, processes, policies and practices in the public and private sector with a positive direct bearing on society through our professional services which include: • Social Impact Measurement: Ratings, standardization, evaluations and approvals. • Capacity Building : Trainings, workshops, and seminars • Advisory Services: Consulting; business development, strategy clinics, partnerships, and recruitment • Management: Projects execution, monitoring, events, policy execution, and crisis management • Idea realization: investment capital and operationalization We are a strong and vibrant platform of problem solvers with diverse expertise and experience expressing and leveraging ideas, skills and innovation that holds maximum impact leading to societal-change and transformation.

Let’s joins hands to make Nigeria great, do not sit on the sidelines, or be an armed chair critic. Join the charge, become a social agent today and give your best to our dear country. Lets press on and press still.

Without a doubt, there is still light at the end of the tunnel, do not give up, there is still hope for you and for Nigeria our great country.

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