CIBN Reintroduces Mentorship Programme Hamid Ayodeji

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) has reintroduced its mentoring scheme.

The initiatives aims at up-scaling the leadership capacity and productivity of workers within the financial and banking sector.

Owing to this, the financial institution gathered experts from the banking, finance and technology sectors to shed-more light on the crucial role mentorship and capacity building initiatives contribute towards increasing the productivity.

The virtual event had as its theme: “Unlocking Career Potentials and possibilities”.

Speaking during the virtual forum, Director General, Securities and Exchange Commission, Lamido Yuguda explained that mentoring schemes are essential for the sustenance and development of the sector as it is built upon values such as trust and professionalism.

“These values can be taught. But are reinforced when practiced by the senior co-workers and emulated by junior colleagues. Such initiatives enable workers to avoid being distracted by the material, prestigious and monetary incentives the space presents.

“However, mentorship relationships help to keep bankers grounded and focused towards building character, increasing their knowledge, and growing their professional network.

“This is important because what makes success sustainable is the combination of skills, experience and the right values,” he explained.

On her part, the Managing Director and Head Financial Institution Africa, Standard Chartered Bank Limited, Lowo-Adesola Abidemi, stated that it was important for mentees to seek mentors that have adequate skills and knowledge coupled with a good character and reputation required of them to effectively impact others positively.

Also speaking during her presentation at the conference, the Deputy Director, Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University, Nneka Okekearu, revealed that mentorship and capacity building programmes are also beneficial not solely to the mentees, but also to mentors as well.

“A mentor tends to benefit from the satisfactory feeling of contributing and developing others. “In addition to that, it is part of a socio economic and community development effort which is part of the mission of CIBN.

“Also, as a mentor we are challenged to harness our leadership and teaching skills which also helps improve our capabilities and skills as we are forced to think outside the box while going through the mentorship activities with whoever we may be grooming,” she added.

Commenting on the requirements of being a successful mentee, Country Head, Private Banking, Sterling Bank, Opeyemi Oduyemi pointed out that it was essential to deliver value by being dedicated, proactive and willing to learn so that the individuals or individual mentoring would be able to have maximum impact.

“It is essential to show commitment and will because this encourages the mentor to continue the process and also do more,” she said.

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