Kachi Beauty Products Refund Millions to Customers, Retains Integrity


Sunday Ehigiator

In a show of integrity, following the recent massive refunds of its customers around the world, as occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, the CEO, Kachi Beauty Product, Ngozikachi Onyeulo, has shared more insight on circumstances leading to the refund and how the pandemic has also not spared her company.

In a signed statement, Friday, Onyeulo asserted that the year 2020 was one that took the world by surprise with the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic.

“Many businesses worldwide were greatly affected and many people lost their means of livelihood and life as we knew it was no longer the same.

“One of such businesses that was affected is the Kachi Beauty Products Brand. This business started about 14 years ago and has grown to become the biggest wig manufacturer in Africa. The Brand produces the highest grade of luxury wigs at an affordable price for the masses. Many hair vendors depend on the Brand for their livelihood because of the very affordable prices.

“The Kachi Beauty Products Brand has evolved from the process of hand sewing the wigs to the use of modern machines for production. The Brand has a staff strength of about 150 persons ranging from the wig makers to the stylists and administrative staff.”

Speaking more on the processes preceding the transactions, she said “the wig production business entails importing materials in massive quantities from China such as the weaves, wig caps, detanglers and mannequins.

“The process starts with the creation of the wig collections, sometimes as many as a hundred. The styles are versatile to suit the demands and trends of the masses.
Then comes one of the most challenging aspects of the process which is the confirmation of customers payments.

“An example being a customer living overseas who makes payment via a relative or friend B in Nigeria and sends in the payment name A instead of B and because of the very large numbers it is very difficult.

“Next is the confirmation of the orders made by each customer where in many cases one customer may send as many as three emails using different accounts. Next is the confirmation of customer delivery details. Once these aspects have been clarified, then collation of quantities takes place. Once this process is completed then production can begin.

“Each collection is produced and completed before another collection can begin.
The produced collection is the quality checked before being sent to the treatment and styling department. It is only when production of all collections have been made, which is usually in the thousands can each individual order or invoice be packaged for onward delivery to the customer. So the process is a very long one. The factory produces an average of 500 wigs per day.

“In its 14 years of existence, 2020 has been the most challenging because of a business decision which the company made without fully envisaging the effect of the Covid 19 pandemic. The non importation of production materials was stalled and even with the lifting of the ban, the expected goods are only coming in in little quantities.

“Another unforeseen challenge was the fluctuation of the foreign exchange because at the time at which payment for those goods were made, it was affordable to give the wholesale price of N75,000 for 10 wigs, a price which had never been offered in the hair industry in the history of Africa. Unfortunately, the due to the foreign fluctuation, the company is running at a loss which sometimes happens in business.

“The KBP Brand has engaged its esteemed customers via phone calls, emails, posts on its Instagram page and through a live interview with Dele Momodu.”

She however further public appeal to “all esteemed Kachi Beauty customers and to once again reassure thembof the Brand’s commitment to refund all those who have asked for a refund as well as deliver all hairs available to everyone who is yet to receive their orders in the outstanding batches.”

Speaking on the decision to refund, she said: “As many are aware, refunding is not a popular choice for many businesses but because of the value we place on our esteemed customers, we as a Brand have chosen to refund our customers knowing the economic challenges faced by its numerous customers. So far, kachi beauty products have refunded over 300 customers.

“Despite its huge financial capital investment on its yet to arrive goods, the Brand is committed to doing everything within its capacity to resolve the pending challenges as a show of willingness and goodwill to its esteemed customers who have been faithful to the Brand over the years.

“The growth of every business is enhanced when challenges arise. One of the measures taken to avoid a recurrence of this situation is to put off online sales until such a time when the pandemic is under control. However, because of the masses who depend on the Brand, Kachi Beauty Products has gone ahead to open the biggest wig gallery in Africa where customers can walk in, see, feel and buy instantly.

“This is done on selected dates which is advertised on the Instagram page of of the Kachi Beauty Products Brand. Also, the Brand will be touring Africa with its products to give numerous customers who may not be able to make it to the gallery an opportunity to make their purchases.

“Once again we apologise to all our customers for the inconvenience which this delay has caused and reassure our masses of our commitment to resolving all issues. We thank you all for your patience and understanding.”