Canadian High Commissioner Harps on Clean Energy Solutions

By Goddy Egene

The Canadian High Commissioner, Nicolas Simard, has said solar energy provides some level of predictability, transparency and productivity.

He stressed the need for the private sector to take leadership in the provision of clean and sustainable energy to power businesses among others.

Simard stated this during a facility tour of the assembly line of Arnergy in Victoria Island, Lagos recently.

Objective of the tour was to showcase how Arnergy delivers reliable energy solutions for productive use, the products and services that power business operations and improve economic outcomes for clients.

“Arnergy is in the right segment towards meeting the country’s demands for energy. We need the private sector to take leadership in such conversations. What Arnergy is doing is good not just for businesses, but for families and the climate,” the high commissioner said.

Also speaking, the Chief Executive Officer, All On, Dr. Wiebe Boer, addressed one of the pain points in this part of the world which borders around the constraints of power supply, and how financing the renewable energy sector would better lives and make power more reliable for productive use.

In his remarks, the CEO of Arnergy, Femi Adeyemo, explained how far the company had come from being the first African startup to receive equity investment from Breakthrough Energy Venture (funded by Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos and other World business leaders), to partnering with several impact sectors to optimise their energy consumption and cut their power cost.

According to him, plans are in the works to power more businesses in resilient sectors including healthcare – primary health centres and telecom towers.

Speaking in the same vein, Vice President, Strategy Growth & Business Operations at Arnergy, Sinmi Akinsanmi, said: “To drive the kind of growth we desire, we seek partnerships that can help us scale fast in the areas of technology, innovation, financing, and the likes.

“We are very excited about the prospects of working with the Canadian government and businesses and we believe these kinds of partnerships can help support more businesses and homes in meeting their energy needs.”

During the visit, Simard was shown the modularised Arnergy solar solutions, and how they could either work completely off-grid with the sun powering load and charging the long term lithium batteries for night use or how it interoperates with the grid especially at night if the need arises.

He expressed excitement about the prospects that Arnergy’s products had, its impact on businesses and the country’s GDP.

He was particularly impressed by the Solar Base component of the product, which allows users to monitor and control their energy consumption from their mobile devices and leading to significant cost savings and energy reliability.

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