Okello Oculi rolls out ‘foreign policy’ agenda for Biden on Africa

Connor Cruise O’Brien once asserted that there is an affinity between Irish people and Africans. While some attributed this bloodline shown in the shared letter ‘’O’’ in names, Professor Cheik Anta Diop claimed that Black African Ancient Egyptians colonised maritime areas near continental Europe. O’Brien was justifying his support for preventing Katanga from seceding from newly independent Congo.

As a nationalist aspiring for liberation from domination by European immigrants across Southern Africa, Robert Mugabe took note of O’Brien and Irish politicians. As President of Zimbabwe he was surprised by Senator Joe Biden’s decision to be Vice-President to a younger and politically immature Barack Obama, a son of a Harvard-trained Kenyan economist. As a young Senator, Biden had passionately condemned the oppression and impoverishment of Africans under racist rule in South Africa. Like O’Brien, he had Irish blood.

When Biden’s phone call flashed across his mind as an odd possibility, Mugabe pounced on it, exploiting the African obligation on Ancestors to intervene positively in the affairs of the living. With pungent haste he rolled out an agenda for Biden’s foreign policy towards Africa.

President Biden’s passion for feeding Americans made jobless and without food by measures for combating COVID-19, should be extended to Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan where vast clouds of flying locusts measuring ‘’more than a third of a square mile’’ are reported, by experts, to ‘’eat the same amount of food in mid-day as 35,000 people’’.

The greedy insects can travel up to 90 miles a day. In June 2020, they consumed cereals, grass and leaves of trees which livestock feed on. The tragic part is that while 3.5 million Somalis had lost their food base, President Trump was only concerned about the cost of maintaining 700 American troops fighting Al Shabaab in Somalia. The Food and Agricultural Organisation, an agency of the United Nations, could not persuade the European Union to finance their capacity to eliminate locusts ravaging the region.

Diplomats in the region suspected Euro-American hostility to Kenya’s contract awarded to China to build a new railway line from Mombasa to Nairobi. With a plan to extend it to Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and Ethiopia, it may have taken pressure by former colonial exploiters of the region away from political will and funds inside FAO for eradicating ravaging locusts. This petty and sulking attitude by Euro-American billionaires must be reversed.

I heard you celebrating the power of ‘’Remembering’’. Past American governments had policies on Zimbabwe that did not remember that European bandits robbed land from my people, the BA-SHONA. My policies of requiring foreign companies to give shares to local communities in ventures exploiting minerals were meant to prevent further robberies.

My demanding that tourists should pay local communities for the beauty of hills, mountains, lakes, rare flowers and animal species had similar goals. Your tourists pay vast sums of money to your ‘’tour companies’’; enjoy our climate and ecology to renew their brains for making new industrial inventions, while our people get a pittance by hawking wretched artefacts. In Nairobi, hotels market dancing Masai men and girls as exotic entertainment to tourists.

In this regard, you must push French leaders to remember killing over one million Algerians; decimating over five million people from Chad to Congo Brazzaville. Her own writers condemned French barbarism in Ubangi Shari (now Central African Republic). In 2019, an Italian cabinet minister blamed France’s seizure of foreign reserves from 14 ‘’Francophone countries’’ as the cause of the poverty which drives thousands of unemployed youths to drown in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean. Desperate migration is an entrepreneurship. France must stop being allergic to Africa’s development; abandon wearing flames for setting Africa on fire where France cannot loot our resources.

Your record of attacking racial economic inequality in South Africa should be dry-cleaned to support President Ramaphosa’s land reclamation and distribution to landless Blacks. Former intelligence officers are tempted to divert their fury into frenzied looting small shops owned by Somalis and Congolese and Nigerians. A sustained Financial Reparation scheme by Euro-American companies (whose profits were exported out of South Africa during official ‘’crime against humanity’’), should benefit from your leadership.

A pledge to your Senate by a top military officer to drive China out of Africa fails to appreciate China’s brotherhood with Africa due to a shared humiliation under Caucasian colonial looting, and a determination that it must never be repeated.

If I was still in government, I would have accused your scientists of inventing COVID-19 as a plot to depopulate China, Africa and India in the same way that President Lyndon Johnson forced Indira Gandhi’s government to sterilise India’s men and women. President Donald Trump was too timid to say it.

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