No wonder, I have been looking out for this my egbon. Last time I saw him was in his office when I went to sell the possibility of his supporting my play, Aremu. Someone had said, do you know Mr. Oyebode, oya, go and see him. I called and he said come. If you have never sat with Mr. Oyebode, I think you should before rapture. The man is deep, a fountain of knowledge and very deliberate in his thought process. Each time I meet him I used to enjoy the gist as we will engage from business to politics to philanthropy.

He will say Edgar fintech is the way forward. That is the area that is catching my attention. Me, I will say, me too. I am looking at fintech too, crossing my legs like him and trying to look aristocratic. Anyways, gist is that I was surprised when I just learnt that he had retired from his powerful firm – Aluko and Oyebode and restructured it to face the new emerging economic hotspot – fintech. Kai, I said to myself no wonder I have not heard or seen him in a while. He was busy restructuring. I like him if for nothing else for his depth, integrity and knowledge. I wish him well this new year and a wonderful time in retirement. Wait o, they say he is now counsel in the firm whatever that means, sha stay blessed Egbon

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