Demola Seriki Bounces Back, Rewarded for Loyalty

Demola Seriki

Demola Seriki

The days are beginning to brighten for former Minister of State for Defence and Chairman of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Ademola ‘Demola’ Seriki. He, alongside a host of others, has been confirmed for ambassadorial positions, six months after their nominations and screening by the Senate. Seriki will be representing Nigeria as a non-career ambassador in Spain.

Demola Seriki’s life in public service deserves contemplation. Against all odds, a figure assumed to be forever retired and peripheral to the goings-on of the Nigerian political landscape. But his years of dedicated service have proved all those calculations wrong, and his appointment as Nigeria’s highest-ranking diplomat in Spain is well deserved.

Before he was assigned CAC chairman, it could be said that the highest office Seriki ever held was that of Minister of State for Defence, between 2008 and 2009. Granted, the gentleman has a finger in many pies, but none of those (until his appointment into CAC) had anything to do with politics or grassroots development, which Seriki is outspokenly passionate about.

Recent years have not been exactly kind to Demola Seriki. Tidings of debt and general instability threatened his reputation as a calm and diligent businessman and public figure. But all such reports, hopefully, are at an end. The day is bright and fair again for Demola Seriki as he champions the Nigerian cause in Spain.

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