This baba has suffered. Apparently, he has gone into a joint venture with the Chinese to bring COVID-19 and then as the astute businessman that he is, has gone into joint operation with Pfizer to bring the vaccine.

Well, he has not stopped oh, using another subsidiary, he will poison the vaccine so that we will all die because he thinks we are too much in the world making the Kogi State governor say over his dead body before he takes the vaccine. The other day, I did two minutes and Duchess wanted to complain, I say it is Bill Gates oh. He has contaminated the water I have been drinking making me a two-minute man down from my usual 45 minutes. Duchess is looking for Bill Gates.

My people the conspiracy theory around this paddy head is plenty oh and it is global. How the man came to represent Satan in the world really beats me oh. He has destroyed global economy. He is killing babies all over Africa. He gave America Trump and he is the one that even threw us into recession and made Babachir cut grass with N400m or I no know the exact amount.

But we dey court. It is even Bill Gates that made Dino lose election in Kogi and has made Buhari refuse to wear face mask. My own is that we should arrest him once and for all and if he doesn’t disappear, we make him face the long arm of the law with my brother Tope Fasua being the head of the jury. I really pity this Bill Gates. He just wants the best oh.