Consumers Commend Launch of Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk

By Omolabake Fasogbon

Consumers have extolled the qualities and health benefits of Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk, barely three months after it was introduced into the Nigerian market by CHI Limited. For them, it provides a nourishing evaporated milk option that helps to complement their healthy, trendy and confident lifestyle.

As more consumers embrace the healthy lifestyle, they are increasingly adopting healthy dairy complements for weight maintenance and personal confidence. Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk is a nourishing 50% less fat evaporated milk targeted at consumers conscious of their health and desirous of an optimum weight and body shape.

Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk is a partially skimmed evaporated milk product with 50% less fat, higher Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, seven B-Vitamins and Vitamin D3. It is the first of its kind in the low-fat segment of the evaporated milk category in Nigeria.

Helen Bassey, a management consultant, said she cares very much about what she consumes and Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk holds a special attraction for her because of its 50% less fat content. She noted that the milk fits the bill for consumers like her in their journey to maintain her ideal body shape.

“I would say my body shape is in between. I am neither slim nor fat, but I love my body shape the way it is. There are people who are a little chubby and they love their shape that way. However, I do my best to stay fit and embrace a healthy lifestyle. I used to be concerned about what milk I consume in order to maintain my weight; however, I am pleased that Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk enables me to indulge in the goodness of milk and help maintain my body shape with confidence,” she stated.

For Michael Okoruwa, a Lagos based IT expert, the new Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk appeals to both gender as he has found the milk useful for both healthy nourishment and achieving his body goals.

“My colleague in the office brought this milk to my attention with her daily usage to complement varied diets. Like some people, I initially thought the milk was for weight loss or slim people but upon closer look and enquiry, I found out it was essentially a nourishing and healthy milk with 50% less fat than normal milk. It was useful in helping me stay in shape and healthy,” he noted.

Brand Manager, Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk, Mrs. Bose Ogunyemi, stated that the positive consumer feedback since the introduction of Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk was a testament to how the brand has resonated with consumers in their quest to balance dairy nourishment and their body goals.

“With 50% less fat, and high Vitamin and Mineral contents, Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk offers dairy nourishment as a part of a healthy lifestyle for weight maintenance. Having an active lifestyle coupled with a healthy diet will help consumers achieve their body goals. It does not make you lose body weight neither is it suited for only slim people. We believe that as the positive word on the brand spreads, more consumers would be encouraged to try Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk with their varied diets that complement a healthy lifestyle,” she stated.

Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk is available in 60g, 120g, and 190g pack sizes which retail for N50, N100 and N150 respectively. The products can be purchased in supermarkets, departmental stores, markets, neighbourhood stores, and kiosks across Nigeria, the company said.

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