By Joseph Edgar

This Joe Biden is a tribalist o. No wonder the people storm Capitol to stop his emergence. I have been saying it that all the jobless people in America cannot just be entering bus and go and carry table and chair for Pelosi office. Biden wants to cause confusion in Nigeria with all these appointments. He has so far gone against the Federal Character principle and appointed only three Yoruba people to his cabinet. He first appointed one tall black Yoruba boy that is not even fine sef to work in his Treasury.

Now he has appointed one Yoruba girl from Kogi. Please, we do not accept these appointments as they do not reflect our true federal character. There is no balancing. Is he saying that in that America there is no Ibibio man or someone from Zango Kataf to appoint so that we will be better represented? That man that went to sue Twitter the other time will not come out now o. How can Biden slap our country like this? Please, if he doesn’t make amends and pull back from this confusing road, I will advise our president, the father of Federal Character not to attend or even send a congratulatory message to him. I am even regretting staying up late looking at the videos of the hoodlums in a bid to identify some of them especially the ones that went from Shomolu.

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