Club Owner, Bruno Owode Apologises for Violating COVID-19 Protocol

Omolabake Fasugbon

Executive Chairman of Club Victoria, Bruno Roy Owede, has tendered apology for violating COVID-19 rules and regulations put in place by the Lagos State government.

Regretting the act which was said to be unintentional, the club owner sought for the forgiveness of both Lagos state government and esteemed customers .

In a statement issued on Friday, Owede described the incident as gross managerial misconduct, stressing that the management has enforced disciplinary procedures against the erring workers.

He further maintained that the intentions of the club were not to disregard or flout the covid-19 rules and restrictions, but to keep everyone at harm’s way.

He added that as a brand committed to due process and compliance, the club has submitted to the authorities for their enforcement efforts and step up its commitment in the fight against covid-19 pandemic.

He also expressed the club’s readiness to partner with Lagos State government in an effort to intensify awareness on the importance of adherence to COVID-19 precautions, as recommended by health professionals.

The statement reads, “On behalf of the entire board and management of Club VICTORIA, we are deeply sorry for the unpleasant events of Friday, 8th of January 2021, which has put our brand in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

“Last week was the toughest operational week in our history, but it’s important to state that our intentions were never to disregard or flout the COVID-19 rules and restrictions aimed at keeping all of us out of harm’s way.

“The incident was a gross managerial misconduct and we have enforced disciplinary procedures while working hard to put preventive measures in place.

“As a brand committed to due process and compliance with the rule of law, we promptly submitted to the authorities in their enforcement efforts; we would also like to take this opportunity to tender our unreserved apology to His Excellency; the governor of Lagos State, the entire State Executive Council, the Police Authorities and our friends and clients who were affected by this incident.

“As a company known for its commitment to the development of our host city, we pledge to step up on our commitment in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. We are also ready to partner with the Lagos State government in the efforts to create awareness about the importance of adherence to necessary precautions recommended by health professionals.”

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