NBS: Active Data Subscription Hits 151.51m


By James Emejo

The total number of active internet subscribers increased to 151.51 million in the third quarter of last year (Q3 2020) compared to 143.63 million subscribers in the preceding quarter and 136.20 million in Q1, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

Quarter-on-quarter, this represented a 5.48 per cent growth in internet subscriptions in the country.

Similarly, total active voice subscription increased to 205.25 million subscribers in Q3, compared to 196.24 million in Q2 and 189.28 million subscribers on Q1, representing a 4.59 per cent increase quarter- on-quarter.

According to the Telecoms Data: Active Voice and Internet per State, Porting and Tariff Information (Q2 & Q3 2020) report, which was released yesterday by the statistical agency, MTN recorded the highest share of subscriptions, closely followed by Glo, Airtel, and EMTS, respectively.

Also, 19,412 subscribers ported into other networks in Q3, while 18,990 subscribers ported out.

Similarly, Lagos State has the highest number of subscribers in terms of active internet per state in Q3

with 19 million subscribers followed closely by Kano 10.26 million and Ogun 8.82 million.

Bayelsa and Ebonyi states recorded the least number of subscribers with 1.09 million and 1.28 million subscribers.

For voice, Lagos also recorded the highest number of active voice subscribers per state in Q3 with 25.25 million followed by Kano 14.24 million and Ogun 11.82 million subscribers.

Also Bayelsa and Ekiti states recorded the least number of subscriber with 1.49 million and 1.82 million, respectively.