The World of Anita Joseph at 35


Feisty Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph celebrated her 35th birthday last Monday. While some of her fans feel she’s way older, others were pretty fascinated by her stunning outfits as she delights in them, writes Ferdinand Ekechukwu

It has become a tradition for celebrities especially in the entertainment industry to share stunning photos of themselves on their birthdays and it seems these stars now try to outdo themselves with creative themes for their photo shoot. To mark her 35th birthday last Monday, actress, Anita Joseph released stunning new photos on her social media page to celebrate her special day. The Nollywood diva clocked a new age on Monday, January 4, 2021, and she shared the good news to her fans, friends and followers.

The big, bold and beautiful Anita had fans drooling over her posts celebrating her birthday. Her posts on Instagram got massive reactions from her friends and colleagues as they filled her comment section with lovely messages and well wishes. As expected, her fans also got on her comment section to relate with her on the occasion. While some of her fans question her age, others were pretty fascinated by her stunning outfits. Anita further expressed gratitude to God for enabling her to see a new year.

She gave credit to God for blessing her to such an extent and making her a star. The actress noted that God has been very kind towards her even when she does not deserve it. She was overwhelmed with how God continues to bless her regardless of where she is. According to her, God comes through for her even when she thinks that she does not deserve it. Expressing her gratitude to God, the film star stated that her parents must have done something good for God to be treating her kindly.

The “mother hen” donned three stunning outfits to celebrate her special day. She shared photos of herself in red and pink designed costume. In one of the photos, the actress was donned in a pink ball gown. She also had a pink wig on her head. In the second photo, Anita donned a lovely dress with a blue wig. The actress third outfit is a mixture of red and gold and it made Anita shine like a rainbow.

In a heartwarming message to celebrate her 35th birthday, the plus-sized actress wrote: “This adorable day a very special day an angel was born the one who carries the burden of others on her head the one who cry at the tears of others. The special ones who have been protected and crowned a queen by God

on this special day just want to thank you God for the priceless gift of life that you have given me and for the wonderful people you have put in my Life. I have had moments where I wondered why God loves me so much chai to give me another year of bliss filled with love I have Assurance and trust God for the many more years of bliss ahead kneel on your throne and I am shouting at the rooftop saying thank you, Jesus. I’m most loved by God happy special birthday to me.”

She wrote in another post: “Happy birthday to Mrs. Olagunju. As I add another year, I just realized I appreciate everyone every once in a while so allow me to use this opportunity to appreciate myself. I’m such an awesome person that it’s hard for anyone not to recognize it – even me I don’t recognize me sometimes. I go through life’s hurdles and I come out on top and sometime even with a smile. My scares are my beauty marks. I have been loved by God and always will be. I appreciate me the sun, the sky, the moon and the new horizon that has been opened unto me Amen.”

The curvaceous actress is one celebrity whose shape announces her presence even before she makes a statement at any event. With curves to die for, Feisty Anita never shies away from strutting and flaunting her massive backside. Contrary to what not a few believe, Anita maintains that her body was not surgically enhanced. In a recent chat, she said, “My curves are natural. They are not surgically enhanced, though training my waist has helped a lot. As a mother, waist trainers helped me get rid of my baby bulge after delivery. It helped me to keep in shape as it got tight as soon as I put on weight. I also like how it gives me that hourglass shape. I am really in love with my waist and shape.’’

As an entrepreneur, the Hourglass Fashion World owner shared her thoughts on her platform regarding her side business. “It is true that a lot of celebrities have side businesses. However, acting pays well too. As humans, we need to be prepared for the future by creating more avenues to make wealth and not depending on just one stream of income. With the platform I have on social media, it is good to have a side business. It helps one to diversify and I love what I do. I own Hourglass Fashion World and we sell waist trainers.

“Some people think that being voluptuous makes actresses popular but it is not just my shape that gave me fame. It was the content I churned out and how versatile I am as an actress. However, I must admit that my shape makes me stand out in the crowd. One of my greatest fears in life is failure, so beauty with no brain makes no sense. People think that being a celebrity or an influencer makes business thrive, compared to others. But it is the favour (of God) that works for me.

“I market my business very well and the support I get from fans also helps me get great customers. My business is doing well and we are seeing returns on our investment.”

For those conversant with the escapades of the Anambra State indigene on social media, her wedding to MC Fish (Michael Fisayo Olagunju) in February 2020 may have given her a new lease of life.

For months now after their wedding and ever since they met, to the time leading up to their marriage, hardly a day without Anita intimating or posting pictures or comments relating to their relationship on her social media space.