Hospitality Industries Could Thrive in The Pandemic Under Innovative and Adaptive Behavior

Initeme Adukeh CEO of Xenia Lifestyle

The advent of COVID-19 put a lot of industry under a recession. The hospitality industry was not left out of this of course. Hospitality professional and CEO of Xenia Lifestyle sheds some light on how the hospitality industry and a lot other industrial sector can create a safe space during the pandemic.

“There are two things hospitality and indeed industrial sectors should learn this pandemic. One of the things are; innovation and another thing is adaptability. A lot of hospitality establishment have been doing the same thin for a number of years, serving the same food and giving same kind of service. But now, you have to change and adapt to the time”

On how hospitality has covered up the lapses associated with engaging customers through delivery and at home services, Initeme stated that the challenges to her, is actually an opportunity, “They may be challenging but they are challenging opportunity. A lot of people are now changing their products to suit home deliveries and so a lot of logistics have started, people are thinking outside the box but one thing people have to bear in mind is contact. The less people that touch foods, hotels, doors, among others, the better and I think that is the future.

“In Nigeria, we have a person for everything. Outside the country, people normally fill their own fuel tanks, walk into the shop and make payments. But here, there is someone doing something for everyone. I understand that this is a means of creating employment for people but at a time where these services cannot be utilized, people should be open to serving themselves. This is where innovation comes up.

“A lot of people have made so much money just in this pandemic so you just have to keep thinking outside the box. No business or service would suffer on this note. Find out what you are lacking, mount on it and do better”

Initeme lastly added that hospitality business can still run and run well even in the pandemic. She says that the industry runners just have to learn to adopt the covid guidelines and take in half the capacity as they would normally.

She also adds that the stay home policy put in place can be turned into a fun period as people now join in zoom parties or live concerts and for people who cannot afford the luxury of data or stay strictly indoors due to their extroverted nature, she says “Everyone can still keep the industry bubbling as they observe the COVID-19 guidelines. The same thing goes to restaurants, bukas and hotels. You can continue with your work but from safe distances.

The benefit from this for this stay-at-home folk is that, internet providers are now forced to do better as online is the new way. I really see this new time as a win and every industrial person should embrace it and own it”