‘Death to 2020’


That is how I was looking for something to watch on Netflix. Everybody has been shouting Netflix. That is how I got a huge TV set as a Christmas gift. I was happy o. So, I asked my daughter to put Netflix on the thing make I watch. But wait o, the people that gave me the TV later call and say na air conditioner dey for my name that I should return the TV and come and collect AC. I say please I have sent the TV to Uyo, that they should leave me. Mbok, that is not the story abeg. So that is how I stumbled on a documentary with the title above.

It caught my attention, and they were talking about the events of the year in a humour-filled manner. It was exciting except for the horrible things that have happened this year. So, as I review the past year because by the time you will be reading this, the mumu year would have passed. It was terrible o. People died o. Even my Erelu died and I don’t think there is any Nigerian family that did not grieve over a loved one.

The pandemic crashed down and as I write, 11 people just died, the economy collapsed into a recession, ineffectual or is it ineffective government policies led to social unrest leading to the worst peace-time carnage witnessed in Lagos and some other cities. That year was horrible o. Na prayer o, that whatever it is that triggered all that tragedy should take pity on us and let up. We are entering the New Year with a roundly stubborn pandemic driven by our own stupidity. Na just prayer o. God help us.