COVID-19: RHG Disinfectant, Sanitiser to the Rescue


In what looks like a swift response to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, RHG Health and Wellness Pharmaceutical Limited has developed, produced and is seeking to distribute health and wellness products to all the northern states, Lagos and Port Harcourt as well as other parts of Nigeria. In this report, Raheem Akingbolu, who visited the company’s factory in Kaduna writes on its level of preparedness to help check the spread of the infection in the country

The global hand sanitiser market has been observing tremendous gains lately, owing to the rising COVID-19 cases worldwide and the momentous rise in product demand. Since last year when the pandemics broke, not a few researchers have established that alcohol based sanitisers carry the ability to kill over 99.9 per cent infectious germs while ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the hands.

As a result of these findings, more manufacturers in the health and Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector of various markets are extending their brand portfolios to include production of hand sanitiser which is generally used to decrease the presence of infectious agents on hands and palms.

In its June edition, Market Study Report predicted that hand sanitiser market would witness tremendous revenue growth over the forthcoming years as enterprises, governments, and non-profit organisations team up to control the impact of the coronavirus. Through innovation, the market landscape has further bifurcated into liquid, gel, foam, and others.

Scarcity and RHG’s Timely Entrance

When the news of the first COVID-19 career person was reported early this year, the first challenge faced in Nigeria was scarcity of sanitiser, disinfectant and nose mask. In a country that mostly depends on foreign goods at a time the borders were closed and international movements were restricted, accessing common goods became a big task. In a jiffy, prices of sanitizer and nose mask rose to the roof top until most Nigerians devise means of producing nose mask with local fabrics and citizens resorted to local gins as sanitisers.

However, in the last 10 months, many manufacturing companies in Lagos, Port Harcourt and some South East States, have gone into local production of Sanitisers. But despite its huge population, scarcity is still prevalent in the north as the little ones being brought to the market are not enough to meet the demand rate.

It was however a cheering news recently when the news broke that RHG Health and Wellness Pharmaceutical Limited was set to explore the market with RHG Sanitiser, Safee Disinfectant and other products.

In a statement announcing the brand entrance, it was stated that the company seeks to develop, produce and distribute health and wellness products to all the northern states of Nigeria with the focus on providing high quality products at affordable rates to its customers.

The statement further stated that in the immediate term, the company will produce hand sanitizers and disinfectants and in the longer term, its product offerings will increase to include vitamins, dietary supplements, syringes and saline solution.

Based in Kaduna State, RHG Pharmaceutical was established in 2020 to develop, produce and distribute health and wellness products to the 19 Northern States in Nigeria. In particular, the company was established in response to the current COVID-9 pandemic that has affected societies across the world.

Beyond the north, the management of the company has pointed out that it seeks to bridge the healthcare gap that currently exists in the country, particularly the Northern region where diseases due to poor hygiene, sanitation and nourishment are highest.

To ease distribution and market networking, RHG was said to have recently processed a facility and warehouse, which it seeks to repurpose for the production of its health and wellness products.

Meanwhile, in order to scale up, the company seeks funding from private equity firms and possibly the Central Bank of Nigeria, to facilitate the expansion of the facility and acquisition of necessary manufacturing equipment.

Responding to issues related to standard and quality, it was stated that the company will focus on ensuring that the quality of its health & wellness products exceed industry standards and are available to customers at affordable rates.

In line with this, it was further stated that RHG adheres to World Health Organisation guidelines for the local production of hand sanitisers and disinfectants, which the company had started producing since 17th of June.

With four source options for the supply of raw materials and appropriate regulatory certifications, the promoters of the brand are committed to take the bull by the horn in satisfying their consumers.

Brand Offerings

Produced in 200ML, 500ML, 20L sizes, Safee Disinfectant according to the promoters, kills 99.9per cent of bacteria and viruses and is in form of disinfectant spray with peppermint. Specifically, the 3-in-1 disinfectant spray is an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal and effective against Coronavirus

The small convenient sized bottle has been designed and produced for on the go protection, and is ideal to keep in the office, kitchen, bathroom or public living areas.

For the sanitiser, which comes in 55ML, 500ML, 5L, 20L, sizes, RHG, it is capable of killing 99.9per cent of germs. With this instant formula, which is enriched with soothing moisturising gel and vitamin E, the product is said to be rinse free and dries out in 30 seconds or less.

It is believed that the small convenient sized bottle would be perfect for on the go protection, and ideal to keep in cars, offices, bags or pocket of children over seven years (7+) with supervision.

Pundits believe that if the brand promoters can grow necessary awareness among consumers towards maintaining health and hygiene, demand for RHG products will rise next year as demand of hand sanitisers and disinfectants due to the spread of COVID-19 increases.

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