Ibom Air Reports 96% On-time Performance in November

Nigerian carrier, Ibom Air has recorded an on-time performance of 96 per cent in November.

The management said the airline was steadily improving on services month after month, since the restart after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the aviation sector shut in March.

The airline throughout the calendar year has also maintained it’s above 95 per cent on the average all year round providing one of the best statistics for on-time performance on the average across board.

The airline which disclosed this on its website, compared its November performance with its previous 10 months, which showed that it recorded significant improvement until covid-19 which ensured that there were no flights in April, May or June.

The indigenous carrier said in November, it operated 676 flights with 647 on-time departures and 29 departures later than 15 minutes after scheduled departure time giving the airline an enviable 96 per cent on-time performance
In October, the statistics showed that the airline had a 98 per cent on time performance after operating 576 flights with 563 flight being on-time departures and 13 departures later than 15 minutes after scheduled departure time
In July, August and September the airline said it had fewer flights but still maintained the on-time performance, the low flight operations was due to recovery from the pandemic which affected not just Ibom Air but other airlines.

Ibom Air rebounded from the lockdown and the attendant apathy, which greeted the first few weeks after flight resumption due to the health protocols now embraced by all travellers.

In July, Ibom Air recorded 199 total operated flights with 189 on-time departures, 10 departures later than 15 minutes after scheduled time and had an average 95 per cent of those flights operated.

August and September the airline recorded 424 and 545 operated flights and had 419 and 539 on-time departures respectively with 5 and 6 departures later than 15 minutes after scheduled time and a 99 per cent on-time performance for both months.

April, May and June were ruined by COVID-19 and flight operations did not take place and so nothing to compare with.

However, in January, February and March the airline operation flight figures stood at 464,427 and 393 respectively with on-time departures of 461, 420 and 391 and departures later than 15 minutes after scheduled time standing at 3, 7 and 2 respectively and statistics for these months in terms of on-time performance stood at 99 per cent, 98 per cent and 99 per cent respectively.

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