SON DG Rates Ammasco Lubricants High

Farouk Salim

Farouk Salim

By Ibrahim Shuaibu

The Director General of Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mr Farouk Salim, has rated the Premium Engine Oil and all lubricants produced by Ammasco International Limited as “very high quality products.”

Mr Salim said on Wednesday when he paid an official visit to the company in Kano and promised to protect Amasco products from being faked by fraudsters,.

He said, “Amasco is the number one priority of SON, because the company follows the rules.”

According to him “We have been partners before, but from today, we shall be ‘more’ partners. Help us liaise with your marketers too, for us to reach out to them for good things to happen.”

Mr Salim added that, “Everywhere, fraudsters are trying to ride on the hardwork of other people to make quick money. They (fraudsters) don’t pay taxes, and they don’t have staff to pay them salaries.

“All we ask from you is proper documentation of suspected fraudsters to enable us win cases,” Salim said.

“Our (SON’s) Public Relations Office, using traditional and foreign media, shall liaise with your company (Amasco) during our programmes in the media. We have to sensitise the public on why it is dangerous to patronise fake products.

Also speaking, the Chairman of Ammasco International Limited, Alhaji Mustapha Ado, said: “No doubt; we are confident you (Salim) have what it takes to deliver and sanitise the country of substandard products, especially at this critical period when many unscrupulous elements and other economic saboteurs have increased in their illicit and illegal activities through counterfeiting and adulteration of popular brands such as ours.

Alhaji Mustapha expressed confidence in the SON boss.

He also revealed that “If you stand on our product (original) it will not break or leak. Today, I have seen the solution, having seen you (Farouk).

“Here alone, we have a strength staff of 3,350. We have plastic company, cartons and recycling plants and gas plants that all provide employment for the old and young. We have planned to expand to Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Ondo and other southern states.

“We pledge maximum support of our company and the Lubricants Producers Association of Nigeria (LUPAN),” Ado said.

He disclosed that Amasco is being challenged by issues of forex and electricity, calling on the government to assist.

In his remarks also, the executive Secretary of LUPAN, Emeka Obidike, told the SON boss to “protect Amasco’s special bride.”

Mr Emeka said: “For Amasco, a young manufacturing company which started only 14 years ago, to suddenly become the market leader, deserves protection by SON.

“We are expanding because we don’t compromise with quality and any output is checked and we don’t want anybody or company to spoil our name.

“We also make sure we pay all the revenues. You (SON) are our partner in business progress, if this company is ruined, all our employees will leave to be jobless,” he said.

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