‘To All The Broken Hearted’ Hits Cinemas


BY Tosin Clegg

From the stables of Nevada Bridge Tv, comes this intriguing Romantic Drama called “To All The Broken Hearted”. It features a star cast of Gideon Okeke, Bimbola Akintola, Uche Elendu, Ego Nwosu, Desmond Elliot and a host of others.

The movie journeys through the life of Ego Nwosu playing the role of Elena who finds herself dealing with a broken home and the tragic loss of her twin sister.

As the movie rolls in, she accidentally falls for the guy next door, Gideon Okeke who plays the role of Jubril Al Hassan. Ugly truths are uncovered as challenges arise, forcing the two love birds to decide if they want to fight for what they have or let it go.

This movie directed by Desmond Elliot centers on the consciousness of addressing the reality of heart break, PTSD and the importance of mental health and sanity.