Most people have accepted that Joe Biden is the President-Elect, from the majority of citizens, political representatives, courts, TV commentators and finally a source of true authority, Twitter.

On Jan 20, 2021, President Elect Joe Biden loses the “Elect” word. He gets the keys to the White House, which are unnecessary as someone opens every door for him, he gets the red phone except that it doesn’t really exist, he gets the nuclear button except that it’s actually really just a set of codes but he does get the highly regarded @POTUS Twitter account. Twitter had declared that they will save all the Trump messages and then reset the count to zero.

Will there be much difference when the new president uses the account, apart from the frequency, the misspellings, the incorrect grammar, the fake news, the complaints about fake news and the overuse of the word “Great”? We hope and assume so.

What will future historians make of the Trump Twitter messages? Hopefully, they can just use the delete button by then.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia