Firm Denies Litigation over NCS Modernisation

Firm Denies Litigation over NCS Modernisation

Eromosele Abiodun
The Managing Director of Webb Fontaine Nigeria Limited has denied media reports linking his company to another company identified as Adani Mega System Limited in respect of a litigation process challenging federal government’s move on Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Modernisation.

Webb Fontaine Nigeria, he stressed, has never had any form of interaction or alliance with Adani Mega Systems Limited
“For the umpteenth time, we find imperative to state in clear terms that our company has never had any form of interaction or alliance with Adani Mega Systems Limited. Importantly, we want to reiterate that Webb Fontaine Nigeria Limited is not in court with the Federal Government of Nigeria. We have never engaged in litigation with any ministry, department or agency of government.

“We never knew when the Adani suit against the federal government was instituted and we are not aware of their cause for legal action. Our company has never sighted documents showing court processes neither do we have legal representation following the matter,” he said.
He added that he does not know what motives any parties may have for adding his company’s name to a lawsuit it knows nothing about.

“We find it misleading and dubious at a minimum, and disruptive to our excellent relations with the Federal Government, the National Assembly, and the Nigeria Customs Service. We will continue to conduct investigations and may have to take further measures to ensure that there are no further incidences of this.

“We wish to once again restate our support for the Federal Government drive for modernisation of Nigeria Customs Service, which synchronises with our vision as a service provider in this line of business,”he said.

He said his firm is unequivocally committed to supporting government’s intention for a more modern customs administration that will improve in revenue collection, trade facilitation and productive speed without compromising national security

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