Trump’s Shithole Mentality


It appears the talks about strong institutions are being over-emphasised. And this is because the issues are not being properly situated. Can there be strong institutions without people of good character, integrity pedigree and the fear of God? Maybe not!

Interestingly, whenever strong institutions are being debated, especially, in climes considered sane, the place of good men of character, integrity pedigree and the fear of God as a precondition are usually being relegated, making it seem as though the institutions are run by machines, and not humans. Even where machines are deployed to use, humans programmed them.

Not surprisingly, this debate is being brought forward again for a review by no other person than the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. With his attitude reminiscent of a third world president in a first world country, the talk about strong institutions must always be situated in context.

Trump has shown and proven without equivocation that it takes just one “contrarian” to expose the fallacy about strong institutions. Not only has he demystified the American electoral system; he has also opened a system that availed him a rare opportunity of being president to international ridicule and embarrassment.

That he even prides in his “shithole mentality” is a proof that no country is immune from such individuals, who can change the tide for the ugly. Trump has put the US in such a place it would take a long time to recover from, not even the Joe Biden presidency can ascertain the extent of the damage.